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Dispensing with Bashar’s services | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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We suddenly saw a succession of countries around the world taking the decision to expel Syrian ambassadors and diplomats from their territory, in a clear indication of the international escalation that is a direct result of the Houla massacre, whose terrible scenes and death-toll shocked and horrified the world. The international community has reached a consensus that the Syrian regime is responsible for this brutal massacre, which has added a new crime to the terrible practices it has carried out against its own people over the past years, and that is the crime of state terrorism. Aside from this diplomatic mobilization, four separate but equally striking statements were issued indicating the West’s readiness to take military action. The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the President of France, the Foreign Minister of Belgium and a senior Austrian official all stressed – on separate occasions – the importance of military intervention in Syria in order to end the violence that the al-Assad regime is perpetuating against the Syrian people.

It is clear that all the Arab and international initiatives have met with abject failure, and that the successive deadlines that have been granted to the al-Assad regime have been a waste of time, particularly as violence in Syria is escalating, both in terms of quality and quantity. The al-Assad regime, with its violence, madness and brutality, is no longer differentiating between regions and cities or different communities and sects, committing mass bombardment and genocide without reservation. Of course, there has also been the expected Russian objection to any military intervention in Syria, with Moscow threatening to utilize its UN Security Council veto. However the reality on the ground is completely different, as 50 percent of Syrian territory is no longer under the al-Assad regime’s control. As for the media, the al-Assad regime is being viewed more and more as being solely responsible for all the crimes that are being committed in Syria.

The economic conditions in Syria are deteriorating in all sectors, and living conditions in the country are worse than ever. Today, the regime is only spending on the military and the security apparatus, whose sole mission is to protect the regime’s symbols. This situation, however, cannot go on forever. Syria has resorted to opening “new” fronts with its neighbouring countries, in order to preoccupy them and prevent them from backing the Syrian revolutionaries, and this is a trend that will only increase as time goes by. Therefore the al-Assad regime is backing the anti-Turkish Kurdish movements, and in coordination with Iranian intelligence – according to Turkey’s Zaman newspaper – in training Kurdish elements to carry out terrorists activities and bombings in Turkey. Whilst what is happening in Lebanon, particularly Tripoli, is also clear to see, namely the prevailing mobilization that is backed by Syrian intelligence in order to strike the supporters of the anti-Assad revolution in Lebanon, and there are many witness testimonies to this effect. The Syrian regime is also believed to have threatened Jordan, warning Amman against sheltering Syrian revolutionaries. It is also widely known that the Syrian regime is backing some demonstrations that chant slogans against the Jordanian government. Of course, in Iraq there is absolute harmony between the al-Maliki government and the Bashar al-Assad regime, especially when considering the support that Baghdad has offered Damascus. Furthermore, we must by no means neglect the fact that the Syrian regime succeeded in utilizing the scarecrow of Al Qaeda in order to preoccupy the world with terrorist operations and brutal killings, claiming – via official statements and pro-government media – that Al Qaeda are responsible for the attacks being carried out in Syria. However, no one seems to be convinced by such claims, whilst the revolution – and the violence – is on-going. Syria continues to endure a terrible period of anguish and violence, drowning in its own tears and blood, and now the perpetrator has been unmasked and the world cannot conceal its inaction and complicity with this murderous regime.

There is an absolute conviction that the decision to dispense with Bashar al-Assad’s services has already been issued, and the world is now anticipating its enforcement.