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The project of juadizing the city of Jerusalem is continuing at a steady pace and arduous efforts are being made in this regard. Forty years after the Al Aqsa fire that was masterminded by Israeli terrorists, crimes are still being carried out against residents of that city.

Israel is troubled and annoyed about Palestinian demographics and the increasing number of Palestinian Arabs in Eastern Jerusalem. Today, the birth rate among Arab women in comparison to Israeli women is 5:2 and this is a nightmare for the Israelis. As a result, Israel is carrying out a cohesive settlement plan with emphasis on Jerusalem; it intends to construct 34,000 housing units and to increase the Jewish population there to 120,000. This occurred after Israel constructed its racist separation barrier that has practically isolated 50,000 Arab residents of Jerusalem from their own city. Furthermore, the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem sent out letters to 80,000 Arab residents telling them to leave their homes, 72,000 of which have already been received.

Israel continues with its program of stealing and completely wiping out the identity of Palestinian Arabs. The Israelis have now banned raising the Palestinian flag in schools and restricts teaching Palestinian curriculum in Palestinian schools in Jerusalem. It did not stop there; Israeli authorities launched “official” campaigns claiming that the folk dance of Dabke, Palestinian clothing, Humus, Shawarma and Falafel are all part of Israeli heritage! Well if they are willing to steal land it comes as no surprise that they are stealing other things!?

Israel spends US $1.2 billion annually on its project to juadize Arab Jerusalem and is continuing with this by destroying arable land where figs, olives, oranges and lemons grow, and by destroying old historical houses. Moreover, the Israeli authorities strongly encourage and facilitate matters for those who seek to leave the city and migrate abroad.

A serious project is now taking place in Jerusalem; it involves plans to build the largest synagogue in the world over Al Aqsa mosque (which according to the plan is to be completely removed by the municipality). Jerusalem, the flower of all cities, is facing a serious plot to remove and eradicate Arabs once and for all, especially in the presence of official terrorists and radical extremists in the current Israeli cabinet. The pro-Jerusalem associations based in Jordan and Jerusalem are the only ones fighting against the Israeli plan and of course the battle is completely unbalanced. What makes matters worse is the inter-Palestinian conflict between the Palestinian authorities who have failed to present a serious initiative with regards to Jerusalem in order to bring together Arabs and Muslims on one issue. Juadizing Jerusalem is a dangerous project. The figures are terrifying, and so too are the future plans, and the international silence today is now on another level. Everybody knows the status that Jerusalem has in our hearts; therefore, something should be done so that another black chapter is not added to our history.