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Al-Assad: From deception to occupation! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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An era of constant lies, deception and fraud; this is the best description of the al-Assad rule in Syria. The al-Assad rule in Syria can be characterized by empty slogans and weak objectives.

There have been illusionary achievements and misleading victories whose sole objective was to draw the world’s attention away from the reality that resulted from al-Assad and his faction coming to power in Syria. This reality is that Syria has been transformed into a large prison, where citizens are nothing more than prison inmates!

Therefore, it is not surprising to see international figures and institutions accepting al-Assad’s empty promises and pledges and listening to regime’s constant lies, in their weak attempts to end the massacres being carried out by the Syrian regime against its own people following the outbreak of the Syrian revolution last year.

The Syrian regime, under al-Assad, only speaks the language of bloodshed and violence with regards to the manner it deals with its opponents. This is a language that includes mass killings, detentions and suppression. Following the outbreak of the popular revolution, the regime continues to speak this language – which indeed is the only language it speaks – publicly and in front of the eyes of the world. The regime has transitioned from a policy of lies, deception and fraud with regards to its dealings with its own people, to one of occupation.

The al-Assad regime today is forcefully occupying Syria against the will of its people, and is using its army, ordinances, arms and media to kill as many people as possible, in order to terrorize the Syrian public and break their will. The al-Assad regime is attempting to intimidate the Syrian people against demonstrating for their rights.

Bashar al-Assad and his criminal regime are no different to Saddam Hussein and his Baathist party, or indeed Muammar Gaddafi, Pol Pot, Manuel Noriega, and other criminals. The free world took the decision to end the above figures, for they were akin to a cancer that must be removed!

All those supporting al-Assad are doing so in order to further their own interests, not out of principle or a belief that he is liberal, democratic or just. These are not the attributes of the Syrian regime, unless perhaps one is being sarcastic! Turkey gambled, for many years, on its ability to domesticate the wild al-Assad regime and transform it into a humane regime with regards to adopting an economic policy of openness and improving financial policies, which represent measures that reflected positively on the Syrian people’s standard of living. However, the ugly truth revealed when al-Assad faced the first real challenge to his authority, and his claims of justice and dignity. Al-Assad failed this challenge, revealing his true face and suppressive nature. As a result, Turkey had to pay an exorbitant price for “believing” Bashar al-Assad’s promises and accepting the idea that he is capable of reforming his regime.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan spent time and money on establishing an exceptional relationship with Bashar al-Assad; however he later learnt the price this cost him in terms of the popularity he had built in the Arab world. Today, he stands helpless and unable to end the violations of his borders at the hands of Bashar al-Assad’s thugs, who do not hesitate to violate Turkish territory with their missiles and tanks in order to kill the Syrian refugees who have fled the country. Indeed, the savagery of al-Assad’s forces has extended to the point that Turkish citizens have been killed as well.

This all happened without Erdogan being able to react, unlike his previous acts in front of the Kurdish masses in Iraq, and even in Syria itself during the era of Hafez al-Assad. Nevertheless, Erdogan is capable of “exploiting” the Syrian aggression against his country, as Turkey is a NATO member and the NATO agreement clearly stipulates that any aggression against any member states entitles NATO as a whole to defend the state in question, which could serve as a military solution to the Syrian crisis.

Today, the world is facing a savage and frenetic regime that is “occupying” its own country and exterminating its own people. We have numerous examples that illustrate that such rogue regimes, regardless of their suppression and criminal nature, are always toppled. In the Syrian case, the elements of pressure are well known: a disgusting “blend” of Iranian, Iraqi, Russian Chinese and Israeli interests that have all agreed to extend the al-Assad regime’s stay [in power]. However, Syria will ultimately be liberated no matter what support al-Assad receives, or what criminal acts it engages in.

Every occupation ends, thus al-Assad’s occupation of Syria will also end, and the world will celebrate the liberation of Syria, and the country will enjoy a true “Independence Day”!