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A Return on Misery | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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In finance, experts are aware of basic equations and terminology such as the Return on Investment (ROI), and the Return on Equity (ROE). However, in political science a new mathematical equation has emerged, which forces itself on us called a Return on Misery, which can be abbreviated to ROM.

The Arab world has always been a constant stage for various types of miseries, and the one consistent element in all these miseries is the presence of parties that “benefit” from these tragedies. These beneficiaries cleverly exploit these situations by flexing their political muscles through obvious media campaigns and mobilizing the masses, which can not be ignored. Even with the current Gaza Crisis- which has left at least a thousand Palestinians dead, and over five thousands injured, as well as the total destruction of a vital and significant sector- Parties are making significant political “returns “and important gains because of this tragedy and in the process improving their investment and recruitment activities in dynamic fashion.

Of course among the principles of such a method is to extend the crisis as long as possible, and the greater the number of casualties and injuries and the magnitude of the destruction, the more successful the desired goals are, and in the process highlighting a destructive picture.

There are voices and slogans that result from tragedies that only appear in times of crisis. Not to mention, accusations, solutions and proposals.

Yes, there are clear attempts to gain cheap and quick public sentiments, as well as offers of magic solutions and the selling of illusions, while reality demonstrates otherwise.

Political gains derived from tragedies are now easy to distinguish and calculate. These miseries have resulted in the formation of states, parties and figures; however an inventory check is required in order to deduce the real results. Whether their role eased the suffering or accentuated the tragedy…. Inevitably the results will be staggering.

Where are those calling for jihad in support of those victimized day and night, while they themselves are only a few meters from the enemy?

Where are those casting doubt and accusations of treason, infidelity and suspicion on others, while calling for the severance of relations with the enemy, but at the same time not heeding to there own advice?

Contradictions and double standards, which have now been uncovered and are insolently clear for all to see, have become unacceptable thanks to the rising public awareness which has given us the ability to identify those benefiting from the cheap exploitation of other people’s miseries.

Heroism, leadership must not be achieved by climbing the dead bodies of innocent women and children. Ceasing the continuous destruction in Gaza is our first and last moral, religious and humanitarian duty and the alternative is not resistance. What is happening is mass suicide courtesy of the ugliest nation in contemporary history; Israel.

The Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him), did not hide in another country or ditch when fighting his enemies, but was in the center of the battlefield.

Therefore, the current repulsive scenes of drumbeaters glorifying the celestial and Godly victories – each according to his doctrine- while dead bodies accumulate are nothing but the further strengthening of self-deception and denial of truth. Now is the time for the lies to stop.