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A New Chapter in Israeli Terrorism | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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A new chapter of Israeli terrorism was witnessed by the Mediterranean Sea waters when the Israeli army’s militias attacked relief ships raising the Turkish flags and carrying volunteers bringing relief aid, food, and medicines from international and media organizations to help the Gaza Strip that is blockaded by Israel.

The attack was carried out in international waters in an act of piracy. There is no difference between it and what the criminal pirates in the Horn of Africa are doing. The team killed somewhere between 16 and 60 according to reports, in a barbaric massacre to be added to the Zionist state’s black record.

The history of Israeli terrorism is not new and they have the capability to plant every day more hatred and dislike in the people’s hearts because of their barbaric practices. The British first suffered from Israeli terrorism in Palestine during the British mandate and saw their generals assassinated by Jewish gangs in bombings and suicide operations which followed the line of mighty Samson who brought down the temple and made his famous remark “on my head and the head of my enemies” as the Old Testament says. These gangs were led by Menachem Begin and Yitzhaq Shamir (who later became prime ministers) and were wanted by the British and international police.

It is a criminal history with distinction. Therefore it is not surprising for these criminal practices to continue against the Palestinians and those Arabs, Turks, and Europeans who wish to support them. The Israeli crimes against the Palestinians in general and the people of Gaza in particular are not new. The use of internationally-banned weapons (which continues) against the people of Gaza was an international evidence according to the independent investigations. It also emerged that the extremist settlers who were in Gaza withdrew much of the Gaza’s groundwater and diverted it to Israel’s interior in a serious attempt to deprive the Strip of the vital water, that is, the rationed deprival of food, fuel, medicines, and human needs.

Barely minutes after the latest Israeli massacre, the Israeli media machine was launched “to deceive” international public opinion, present a different picture of what happened, and justify its crime as self-defense and the protection of security in the biggest new lie to be added to its black record. Israel was a state established on a lie based on a myth and its construction continued on the basis of deception and absurdity and it turned it into a criminal and undeterred state. It broke the law on the day of its birth, became used to this, was reared on this, and its violation of all charters and laws became something normal.

Any sane person who watches the latest criminal scene by the Israelis while remembering its prime minister’s demand before few days for direct talks with the Palestinians “for the sake of peace” can only be disgusted and angered by the continuing Israeli terrorism. A new page of Israeli crime and terrorism will definitely breed more violence in the Muslim world and more lack of belief in the idea of peace with this state.

The international community’s responsibility of putting an end to the Israeli gang and its barbaric wantonness is increasing. Will this happen? Time will tell. Israel is a regular rogue state in addition to its black record against the innocent people whose purpose was to give aid. This is the only truth in this dirty crime.