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Throughout my life I have always opposed the ideas of the Syrian and Iraqi Baath parties, and I will continue to do so.

Throughout my life I have always viewed the reign of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein as an example of despotism, injustice and terror, protecting the corrupt and consecrating dictatorship.

I apologize for such an introduction, but I am obliged to make such statements in order not to be misunderstood when I sorrowfully say “God bless the days of Saddam Hussein”, compared to Iraq’s circumstances today!

[Paul] Bremer and the US invasion troops were successful in fulfilling three objectives in Iraq, which no one could ever imagine would have happened under the rule of Saddam the tyrant:

Firstly, Iraq, one of the oldest and most important countries in the world throughout history, has been dismantled, and is now practically divided into three minor states: the Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions.

Secondly, the country – backed by American funding estimated at US$ 1.5 trillion – has been handed over to the Iranian sphere of influence, to the extent that the number of Iranian Revolutionary Guards now present in Iraq amounts to 200,000 armed troops. This is in addition to the fact that some government correspondence in the capital Baghdad is now written in both Persian and Kurdish!

Thirdly, Iraq’s security is running out of control, and the state has shifted into a major power center for extremist Islamic currents that threaten national and regional security, most prominently al-Qaeda.

The deafening explosions that occurred a few days before the date of the Arab Summit in Baghdad emphasize the dangerous situation. There were further explosions on the same day of the summit, to stress that Iraqi security control – despite being on high alert – is still unable to provide a safe environment.

The latest black comedy to emerge is that of the Iraqi authorities’ now want to move the late President Saddam Hussein’s corpse from his grave – because of the numerous visits and crowds gathering nearby– to an unknown or remote place. This however, has provoked the anger of the former president’s adherers, as well as his family.

The significance of this piece of new is that the executed tyrant has now become more popular than the new regime, which came aboard an American tank carrying the slogan of Western democracy!

If this is change the American way, then what follows is truly frightening.