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Only in Egypt do politicians fight over the final results of the presidential elections.

Only in Egypt do politicians refuse to accept a final and immediately effective ruling, issued by the highest judicial body in the country, the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Only in Egypt are some election results rigged by bribing some employees of the official printing offices that are entrusted with the task of printing the official ballots, as if this were a Hollywood thriller!

Only in Egypt are there more votes cast in ballot boxes than actual eligible voters allocated by the Electoral Commission.

Only in Egypt does a candidate declare the outcome of the elections before a third of the committees have finished sorting the votes, before the Electoral Commission has resolved all outstanding appeals, and before a final count has taken place.

Only in Egypt can a single vote be bought simply for the equivalent of $250.

Only in Egypt will the elected president assume power without a constitution, without specific powers, and without a parliament.

Only in Egypt do state institutions change dramatically within the space of one week, from one Thursday to the next. Last Thursday the country was without a president but had a parliament, whilst this Thursday it is without both a president and a parliament, and by this time next week Egypt will have a president but no parliament.

Only in Egypt could the army, which 20 months ago was an organized and professional military institution, find itself responsible for managing the affairs of the country with executive and legislative powers, then hand legislative authority over to an elected parliament, only to find its legislative powers restored after the dissolution of parliament. This month, the army will hand over executive authority to the president, whilst retaining legislative power until a new parliament is elected.

Only in Egypt will you find everything and its opposite. There is a revolution and a coup, the rule of law and attempts to undermine it, the establishment of justice followed by fraud and vote-rigging, and finally the most respectable elections held in the Arab world, followed by conflict over their final outcome.

Truly, these are amazing scenes with no parallel anywhere else!