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Invest in Egypt now! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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This week is the best time for anybody to buy or invest in Egypt.

This is the week for investors to discover great deals on shares, bonds and real estate.

Such a historic opportunity may not be repeated again after the political situation in Egypt overcomes its crises and problems.

The situation emphasizes the fact that the division in Egypt, logically, cannot get any worse, with the exception of chaos or coup.

In this regard, it is very possible that the political situation in Egypt will have developed within the next few months, resulting in market improvements. This will result in an increase in the price of shares, bonds and real estate.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to invest in Egypt.

Well-known Arab investors may argue, saying “Come on Emad, how can you say this? You know that investors must be careful with their capital and that the situation in Egypt now is far from reassuring. It would be very difficult to find anyone prepared to risk their money in Egypt at this particular time.”

Whilst European or American financial analysts may argue that Egypt’s financial index now is one that is characterized by high risks.

However the greater the risk, the greater the reward. This is a well-known axiom that has been proven true by practical experience, on the condition that this is a calculated risk.

It is no secret that I have subjective motives for issuing this invitation to invest in Egypt now; namely the desire to seek everybody’s assistance to revitalize Egypt’s national economy and strengthen job opportunities.

Everyone in Egypt is speaking solely about politics although the economy represents the greater challenge, particularly as this is Egypt’s guarantor on the world map.

Egypt’s economy has great potential. Last year, Egyptian expatriates sent back approximately $14 billion to the country, whilst tourist turnout increased by 18 percent, that is until the third quarter of the year. In addition to this, revenue from the Suez Canal increased by 15 percent compared to the previous year, whilst more than 200 factories shut down following the Egyptian revolution returned to operation once more. Finally, the al-Futtaim Group increased its investments by purchasing the Metro Group, one of Egypt’s leading food retailers.

However, the recent events in Egypt have had a very negative impact on the Egyptian stock exchange resulting in losses of around 54 billion Egyptian pounds. However 10 percent of these losses were recouped last week.

Therefore entering the Egyptian market now truly represents an opportunity whilst this is also an opportunity for all those who love Egypt and want to demonstrate their solidarity with the Egyptian opportunity. This is an opportunity to support Egypt to get out of a dark tunnel and help millions of honourable jobless people who seek honourable job opportunities in such extremely difficult and complex times.