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If the US intelligence services wanted to save time and effort in their search for further evidence against those that planned 9/11 attacks they need not look for evidence in the Tora Bora cave system or in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, nor is this evidence to be found in the possession of a sleeper cell that is suddenly activated and knows dangerous secrets about that serious event, nor even will it be found in documents or videos leaked by the Al Qaeda leadership. This time the evidence is of US origin, and is to be found in the US currency itself, the dollar bill!

Some of those obsessed with the investigation into the 9/11 attacks believe that they have uncovered some of the mystery behind the attack on the $20 bill, which contains an image of the 9/11 attack. How is this possible! All you have to do is fold the bill in three different ways and you will uncover a surprise. Firstly you can fold the $20 bill to reveal an image of the Pentagon on fire. Folding the bill in another way and you can reveal the image of the World Trade Centre burning directly after the 9/11 attack. The final example of this strange phenomenon can be seen when you fold the $20 bill from left to right in the manner of a Japanese hand-fan whereupon the name Osama appears in English. This [connection between 9/11 and the $20 bill] can be concluded by recalling the simple mathematical sum that 9 + 11 = 20.

The 9/11 attacks are connected to other US denomination bill’s, indeed you can fold a $5 bill and a $10 bill in the same manner as a $20 bill in order to reveal an image of the Twin Towers prior to the attack on the $5 bill, and an image of the Twin Towers following the attack on the $10. As for the $50 bill, this reveals an image of the Twin Towers whilst they are collapsing. There is another way to fold this currency to reveal an image of the words “American” and “United” – the two airliners that were involved in the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre.

The person who folded up these dollar bills and came up with these theories also twisted his own mind, and the minds of whoever believed in him. These people have become a phenomenon that espouse their strange explanations and interpretations with regards to the 9/11 attack. Previous to the phenomenon of folding-up US currency in connection with the attacks, there were others who attempted to connect the Quran to the 9/11 attacks by taking quotes out of context as well as making connections between the numbering of Quranic verses and the date and details of the 9/11 attacks, to the extent that they claimed the Quran made reference to the name of the street where the attack took place.

Today people emerge with folded-up dollar bills [and look at them] as if they ere reading a newspaper or picture book, rather than a currency exchanged by people. I would not be surprised if in the future others fold-up dollar bills in news ways to reveal the names of the hijackers, or if dollar bills are folded up to produce scenarios of future attacks. Perhaps this folding-up of dollar bills can be applied to other currencies, particularly the Euro, which is the dollar’s strongest competitor. I do not know where such obsession will lead.