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Israel Fear Our Birds of Paradise | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Whilst they seem innocent, delightful children singing songs, these “Birds of Paradise” are like hellish creatures, plaguing us and dropping rocks on our hands. We must kill them…we must kill them when they are young because if they grow up they will become terrorists. We must follow the concept of a pre-emptive strike in this regard.

These are just some of the comments made by Zionists in Israel on internet forums following an article published by the Israeli Yediot Aharonot newspaper, not against the beautiful Birds-of-paradise that live on the island of New Guinea and the surrounding region, but rather against the Toyor al-Jannah [Birds of Paradise] production company, which specializes in producing children’s programs and songs. The newspaper also published the lyrics of a Birds of Paradise produced song entitled “When we seek martyrdom, we go to heaven” claiming that the Birds of Paradise production company incites violence and terrorism.

Birds of Paradise produced content has swept Arab satellite channels, becoming some of the most popular programming for Arab children. This company pursues a policy of resisting Israeli occupation via producing innocent songs for children, and some of these songs which can be found on YouTube have been viewed by as many as four million people. This is not to mention those who comment on these songs and their simplicity, as well as praise the voices of the children who sing these in a beautiful Palestinian accent.

One such songs portrays a simple Palestinian family prior to Israeli occupation, with the father in the garden watering a lemon tree, and the mother baking bread, however the scene soon changes with the sudden appearance of the Zionists, who try to convince the young girl narrating the song that everything will be good under the Israeli occupation. This song tells of the plight of the Palestinian family and how the Zionists falsely portrayed their intentions. The young girl sings “they told us…we will give you some rights…we will give you water from the rivers and light from the sun…and you will live in safety.” However the song ends with the young girl singing “however time flies and whatever happens to home and family, my land is my land, and I will never give it up.”

What is so impressive is this song, which is just three minutes long, is able to undermine three decades of Zionist occupation and Israeli attempts to position the viewpoint of Arab children and get them to accept the current state of affairs. Therefore nobody can blame these Zionist terrorists for calling for the killing of these children, for they are an enemy and source of sorrow to Israeli tyranny, in the same way that Prophet Moses was an enemy and sorrow to the tyrant Pharaoh.

The media battle with Israel is just as important and dangerous as the war, for this conflict is one that has a media front. The Zionists are the only ones who have realized the danger of the spread of popular programs like the Birds of Paradise produced songs and programs because they consider this a media attack akin to a rocket attack, especially as the Zionists are masters of this art [of media attacks] and so are wary of their enemies turning their own weapon against them.