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Why Arabs Do Not Stand Up for Their Victory?! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Two pieces of news reported by media on August 24th, 2006 shed light on many complicated issues related to the reality of the Arab official stands. The first came from Jerusalem and said, “Germany and Israel signed a contract to sell German-made Dolphin submarines to the Israeli Navy”. The Jerusalem Post reported that the two submarines are able to fire missiles with nuclear warheads, and the total of the contract is $1.270 billion third of which is picked up by the German Federal Government”. This news passed without any comment from Arab Governments or Arab Media. Perhaps they would have objected if Iran, not Israel, had had the nuclear weapons! The other piece of news was published by Al-Hayat daily on the same date and it read: “the Lebanese army finds an arsenal for Hezbollah; Siniora won’t spare any mean to protect sovereignty”. This news shows that the main concern for Arab and world media is the measures taken to ensure disarming Lebanon under the pretext of blocking the arms flow to Hezbollah.

It seems that President Bush has a principle that dominates International relations especially as regards Middle East affairs. According to this “Bush principle”, Israel is always the victim and Arabs are “the terrorists” who should be disarmed and prevented from having any kind of weapons. Bush thinks that this would bring peace to the region. However, the truth is that this would enable Israel to go farther in its aggressions, killings and arbitrary acts against Arabs especially as the world has proved to bear seeing the killing and humiliation of Arabs without saying a word as long as the killers are Israelis. What surprises, indeed, is that Arabs did not make a single move to end the blockade Israel imposes on Lebanon. They did not assume a stand against deploying troops of countries, known for their colonial history, in south Lebanon under the name “international troops”, obviously, aiming to ensure Israel’s security not Lebanon’s. Furthermore, some Arabs are taken up with resolution 1701, issued to offer Israel an outlet from a true military defeat, instead of working to reveal the massacres Israel committed against civilians in Lebanon.

The noticeable fact in the media of post Israeli-American war on Lebanon is that considerable numbers of free voices in world media are concerned in figuring out the reasons behind the defeat of Israel and its military machine. Committees are formed in Israel to bring the war criminals to account, of course not for their crimes but for losing the war. Paradoxically, some Arabs try to undermine their potentials and causes of strength by working to disarm their resistance and implement the resolutions issued to subjugate their countries to foreign powers as if the only threat to their sovereignty comes from the Arab resistance that acquired even the enemy’s acknowledgment for its intelligence, high performance, and morals.

I call upon Arab readers to look at the hot debate going on in USA on how the last war caused US further loss of credibility in the Middle East because of its unlimited support to Israel. I call upon them to read President’s Carter interview in Der Spiegel in which he sees the involvement of US in the last war a violation of the American constitution and American values. President Carter holds the neo-conservatives responsible for missing the peace in the Middle East because they adopt war as a means to deal with Arabs instead of dialogue and negotiations, and because of their absolute support to Israeli war crimes against Arabs.

The valid question here is how some Arabs accept labeling them as “terrorists”? How they accept the violation of their sky and lands and the killing of their children and women without any punishment for criminals? What Melosovic had committed more than what Olmart, Peretz and Dan Halurz had? If Arabs had once stood up for their victory, the whole world would have condemned the Israeli war crimes and would have brought Olmart, Peretz and Halutz and other war criminals before the International war crimes tribunal. How Arabs achieve a victory then do not uphold it? Instead, some Arabs try to undermine this victory and feed the causes of their division and weakness!

After the last achievement of the Arab resistance in Lebanon, a new reality is born. Arabs are liberated from the sense of weakness and humiliation, and a true change in the European public opinion, in favor of Arab rights, is underway. Let us all seize this historical moment of change to achieve just and lasting comprehensive peace because we all, whether we like it or not, will share the same destiny.