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A war by proxy in the Middle East is taking place. However, and contrary to their attempts to mislead the Arab World, it is not Hezbollah who is fighting on behalf of Syria and Iran. It is a by proxy war fought by Israel in Lebanon on behalf of the United States, Britain and the Whole West against Muslims and Arabs. This by Proxy war became clear when we understood in the last few days the international silence on the grudging and terrifying destruction done by the Israeli military savageness against animate and inanimate figures in Lebanon.

First signals from the west were the evacuations of their citizens from Lebanon after taking decision to grant Israel a chance to commit whatever war crimes it deems necessary in order to terminate the resistance.

An Israeli decision which was synchronized with the decision of evacuation of the western citizens was to prohibit media networks from broadcasting from Israeli settlements in north Palestine which were targeted by Hezbollah. The reason for that is to guarantee settlers patience till terminating the resistance and destroying Lebanon. Also, to reduce any fidgets in public opinion within Israel and to prevent free voices which might appear in other capitals and distracting Israeli mentality from its direct goal which is destroying Lebanon and forcing all the Arabs to give up their dignity, land , identity and accept all kinds of humiliation, because this period is a period of colonizing them again or completing colonization which some of them are not free of it yet.

Recently, it became quite clear that Israel is not defending itself, but defending the idea of spreading the occupation in the future to a further extent than it is now, and to insure the ethical political and cultural surrender of the Arabs and Moslems to this murderous racial state.

Mr. Kofi Annan report about the violence in the Middle East on the 20th of July came as a justification of all the Israeli crimes committed under the title of self defense, article 51 of the UN charter, and he did not find anything in that charter or in the resolution of the security council to condemn the Israeli occupation of the others land by force in spite of the resolutions 194, 242, 338 and many others. Also, he did not find anything to condemn Israel for destroying a whole country, forcing half of its inhabitants out of their homes, killing innocents, and demolishing houses.

The racial grudge which targets identity, culture, history and civilization was shifted from Babylon in Iraq to Baalabak in Lebanon to destroy its deep-rooted Archaeology.

This scenario was completed by Terry Rod Larsen, who should be called “Israel’s delegate” rather than the deputy UN secretary general, when he said that Israel, the international community, security council and G8, will not accept any prisoner swap for hostages. Israel is not interested in such act. President Bush has called “Not to weaken government of Al-Siniora”. Some analysts confessed that “It is not easy for the US to support Israel and the Lebanese government at the same time”. Some Analysts declared that this is both The West and Israel’s historical chance to get rid of Muslims and extremists for ever.

This is the secret beyond the international hesitation in mentioning cluster bombs which is internationally prohibited but used by Israel against women and children in Lebanon.

The whole west has employed Israel to aim a smashing blow at the thought and structure of the resistance against the occupation and the foreign haughtiness and domination over the Arabs.

This battle in which the resistance is engaged showed clearly that the occupation is not dominating Palestine and Iraq only, but also the will and might of some individuals rendering them weak and coward and unable to take any positive attitude in favor of their annihilation-threatened souls.

From this point, the battle in Lebanon is not a battle for the independence of Lebanon only, but for all the Arab multitudes from the coasts of the Atlantic ocean to the coasts of the Arabian Gulf, which have to fight today the battle of real independence in order to prove to the West, who had charged Israel with this war against the Arabs and the Islam, that the Arabs and Muslims have the right to live in dignity on their land, and that the terrifying crimes of Israel and the unlimited support of the Grand Powers to it, cannot prevent the Arabs from showing their anger for their rights and dignity and daring anyone henceforth to violate their homeland and their sacred, or to kill their women and children or expel them under the eyes and hearing of the whole world. If the Arabs and the Muslims failed to show their anger today, when they will? This is the third Arab country which is conquered and destroyed, and the plan is, according to Condoleezza Rice: “A new Middle East” where the Arabs have no dignity or rights or voice. If you don’t agree to that, why are you silent and what are you waiting for? Where America’s and France’s is love to the Lebanon? What did Bush and the others do in this crisis, just giving Israel the freedom to do more killing and destruction? This is Bush’s attitude towards any other Arab country. No one, even the one who denies his affiliation to the Arabs and Islam, would be considered a main participant in the area unless he backs the Zionist project in the area which Solanna or Larsen or Rice conveys.

The broadest aim of this criminal operation is to exterminate the Arabic existence in the area and to expel the Arabs from it or turn them into refugees or second-class citizens. Therefore, what’s going on in the area has only one result: Are the Arabs going to be here or not?