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Syria and Lebanon and the Two Reports | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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What are Arabs doing while colonial powers strike alliances against them and plan to reoccupy their countries and, once more, impose a trusteeship? This, the Arabs who believe the main reason for targeting Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine, during these historical times, is because Lebanon has distinguished itself from other countries in the region and embraced the resistance which liberated the land from the clutches of a strong military and a political force, feared by even the biggest powers in the west and the east? This, the Arabs who understand that the real reason why a hate campaign is being waged against Syria is due to its support for Arab rights and the resistance and its insistence that Jerusalem and the rights of Palestinian refugees are as important as the Golan Heights?

What are Arabs doing today while the Israel occupation kills Palestinian youths on a daily basis and accuses those suffering from state terrorism for over half a century when world powers are competing to acquit terrorist countries and the ugliest crimes?

What are Arabs doing when they see young men being blindfolded, handcuffed and taken to jail simply because they believe in their rights and their nation, fighting for the freedom and dignity of the Arab world regardless of the grim reality?

What Arabs doing when they read the US Congress bill imposing sanctions on any country exporting weapons to assisting it in producing sophisticated weapons? What are they doing when they read the Larsen report aimed at disarming the Lebanese resistance and the Palestinians, creating conflict between Lebanon and Syria whilst judging anyone who loves Damascus and wants to visit an agent for the Syrian intelligence services and those who defend Syria meddles in Lebanese affairs?

How do Arabs feel when they read that German magazine De Spiegel which had investigated the testimony of Zuhayr al Siddiq and uncovered the lies and fabrications surrounding it, while Arab newspapers and satellite television are competing against each other in the condemnation of Syria because of the report merely containing suspicions that are not based on facts or evidence?

How do Arabs feel when they read about the German peace movement which analyzed Mehlis’ record as a German investigator and cast doubt on his investigation and its politicization for well-known reasons agreed upon in advance in Israel and which will hold a press conference in Berlin explaining its findings?

How do Arabs feel when they read US intellectual William Powells describing Mehlis’ report as a hasty attempt to implicate Syria on his website and condemning the media for its handling of the probe and considering mere suspicions as conviction, even when the report itself asserts the need for further investigation?

How do Arabs fell when they read on the internet that the late Rafik Hariri was assassinated for two main reasons: his stand against the disarmament of Hezbollah and the international campaign he led regarding this issue and his rejection of a large US military base in Beirut , similar to Al Udeid in Qatar ?

One of the signs of weakness of Arab regimes is this disintegration, division and disunity which I attribute to their failure to develop a national belonging and place it above all personal interests and ambitions. Without wishing to incriminate this or that group of collusions with foreign powers, I believe that the lust showed by some for authority and power above national interest has contributed to the current state of frustration in the Arab world, at a time when the region is facing an ugly and vengeful campaign by forces known throughout history for their hostility and crimes against Arabs.

This has encouraged the enemies of the Arab world and those who want to hurt Arab dignity to act and made Arab countries to oppose each other in the name of freedom, democracy and progress. However, diagnosing the ills we suffer from does not relive us of our responsibility to develop a national conscience and produce a fair and patriotic vanguard to act collectively beyond petty difference because we are all in the same boat; those who are drilling a hole to drown their brothers should know that they too will perish.

Those who believe the west intends to build democracy in our countries similar to the ones they enjoy ought to remember the imperialist policies of yore when our countries were colonized and their wealth plundered, freedoms violated and their people arrested. Yet, no institutions and systems of government such as those enjoyed by the people were built. Every people should build itself, such is the rule of life.

Those who doubt my argument need only look at events in Palestine . Why don’t the world’s most powerful nations defend the freedom of the Palestinian people instead of army Israel ? Consider Iraq : Is this sectarian and ethnic democracy what the United States government whishes for Iraqi citizens? Is the US even concerned about civilian casualties? Do western countries know about the reality of life in Iraq ? Did any of them defend Lebanon when it was occupied by Israel ?

Mehlis and Larsen’s reports to the United Nations are aimed at Lebanon ; they are attempting to sow division, doubt and suspicion between two people who enjoy the strongest bond, historically, socially and economically. Rafiq Hariri was murdered because of his support for Syria , Lebanon and Palestine and his international standing. His assassination was part of a plan to drive a wedge between two Arab allies, Syria and Lebanon; will everyone recognize that we are all targeted and that the elites are hunted down so as an old plan to wipe out Arab identity and culture while celebrating Israel as the sole imperial power in the Middle East can be applied?

The Arabs have been distracted by their minor disagreements. Today, they have the unique opportunity to recognize the need to build their respective countries and relations on the basis of Arab national unity which so many have tried to sabotage. They also have the chance to realize that their battle should not be with their people but with those who target their existence, culture and identity. Will the citizens of Lebanon , Syria , and Palestine consider, if one for one moment, what will follow the Mehlis and Larsen reports? Can they imagine how matters will evolve in the Arab East and who will be the main beneficiary from the series of events planned and executed by our enemies?