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After all what has been published about the motives behind Israel’s attack on Lebanon; it became clear today that it has nothing to do with the capture of the two Israeli soldiers. It is a war planned by Israel in 2004 then modified after consulting the US and UK governments. (See George Monbiot, Guardian, August 8th, as an example).

The importance of this war for US and Israel is that they were aiming to strike the last base of resistance, and then arranging for an agreement to protect Israel borders. The most important target is to terminate the flame of the resistance and shaping “the New Middle East” which Condoleezza Rice was dreaming of, and mentioned it during her journey between Rome and Beirut, an Israeli- American Middle East which people in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon so far are blessed with its democracy from destroying their Arab identity, safety, history and their cultures. This is why they referred to this war as life or death because it was designed to prevent any Arab or Muslim from even the idea of resisting Israel and its legendary army which is supported by money and arms from US.

The Middle East which Bush administration is longing for is a kind of racial and sectarian states with weak and docile governments that accept the US military bases on their lands; no matter for the US how bad or corrupted these governments are.

However, contrary to Bush andr Olmert plans, and for the first time in modern Arab history, an Arab country was able to confront Israel and American war machine through its armed liberation resistance, taking no notice, of their lack of air force cover or the fact that the US is a partner of Israel against them in this war. The courage of the national resistance was a great shock to Israel and their masters in Washington because it awakened both the Arabian public and formal conscience. Seeing this positive shock, urged the Arabs to realize that subjugation and humiliation.

The cultural, moral, political and informational performance of the Lebanese resistance has awakened Moslems and Arabs to the fact that confronting the aggression with science, order, transparency morals, and honesty are the only guarantee to survive and to live in honor, pride and dignity.

Israel and its masters got embarrassed and confused after being defeated for the first time and its allies tried to find an exit out of this war. 11th of September events became old and not persuasive but still there is a need to provoke them to veil attention against the war crimes committed in Lebanon and to keep in the Western mind the fear of danger from Arabs and Muslims. For this reason, they invented the story of hijacking airplanes.

President Bush was in his farm waiting for “the hijacking conspiracy” to respond on “The Islamic Fascism”, in spite of the fact that nothing has happened, and no murder occurred. President Bush did not utter a word to condemn the killing of Arab and Moslem children in Palestine and Lebanon and the purpose is clear, it is to remind their people of a terrorist operation, accusing people from the same religion and background with those who have been killed by American bombs in Lebanon and Palestine, all of them are Muslims!!!!!.

It is strange that a group of Muslims who consider themselves as friends to Washington are not aware that they are all included in “The Islamic Fascism” and the administration in Washington show its hate for all Muslims frankly and loudly. Bush’s phrase “Islamic Fascism” was not uttered by passivity or by chance. It is a carefully made phrase, designed to describe all Muslims in any part of the world. Moreover, his phrase is addressed to the Europeans who demonstrating against US crimes in Iraq and Olmert’s war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine.

The national resistance victory in Lebanon is not a military victory, but a political, moral, and humanitarian one. This explains why it is welcomed by people all over the world. This victory is drawing a new history to this region. From now on the people in this region will never accept to compromise their rights or dignity.