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The Proficient Killer | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Drugs are the most harmful disease to any society because they cause one to lose their mind, turning the wise, all-hearing, all-seeing human being into a plain animal or wild beast.

Drugs have spread in the ranks of our youth. Both drugs and terrorism have in fact destroyed the Islamic personality and distorted the beautiful image of the young Muslim. Drugs cause the mind to stop functioning. They have led to the loss of families, murder, atrocities and crimes.

There are criminal gangs now trafficking in drugs and a mafia whose role is to corrupt our young people. People involved in drugs have carried arms to threaten others, extorted them for money and assaulted them. Genius and intelligent minds have turned into dull ones. Drug addicts have become violent thieves and harmful devils. They ended up behind bars after losing their humanity. They lost their future and destroyed themselves and their societies.

To deal with today’s drug problem, we need two strong weapons. The first is awareness and the second is the weapon of enforcement. Awareness means that we should use education and the dissemination of information to highlight the dangerous consequences of drug addiction. The second is the weapon of enforcement or the use of evidence and proof that drugs are harmful.

Every member of society should become involved in the war against drugs. Every member of society should be recruited for this war. The father should use the care he gives to his children. The propagator should advise the members of society about the danger of drugs. Our Media should draw attention to the damage that drugs cause. Policemen should join the fight by keeping their eyes open on drug addicts and traffickers. The young people should be immunized against drugs and various types of alcoholic drinks, which are the cause of every crime and sin. People who can exist in this life with a lost mind or a state of self- induced paralysis will do everything that is shameful and disgraceful.

We have in our society families that have been destroyed and dismantled after the head of the family fell into the drug trap and because of that the family became the victims of ignorance, disease, poverty and crime.

Geniuses have been undercut by drugs and have ended up in an early grave. Drugs have turned intelligent people dull, people with honor and chivalry into pawns in the hands of the devil.

Drug addicts are very much like a poisonous gland in the body of the nation. They are paralyzed members in their own country, an ugly one-eyed person in a beautiful society. Drug addicts and traffickers are enemies of security, stability, progress and ethics. Drug addicts and traffickers are like animals at a slaughterhouse waiting to be slaughtered.

God the Almighty has honored man by giving him brains, comprehension and awareness. But drug addicts and traffickers have no brains, comprehension or awareness. They have no willpower, or ability to think or discriminate. Drug addicts and traffickers would have become university professors, scientists and useful members of society. But they turned down all this and turned into corrupt and evil persons, rejected by society because they were lowly, cheap, trivial, and failures.

They were made to stay at a distance from the mosques, expelled from the university and fought by their own people. Their parents were disgusted with them, members of their families ostracized them, the court indicted them and descent men insulted and humiliated them. Drug addicts and traffickers have moved from the world of respect, appreciation, and dignity into a world of humiliation, warnings, and threats. They became a curse for the family and the clan. They became a curse for themselves and are awaiting a failed future.

We are duty-bound to stand as one rank in the face of the flood of the drugs in order to protect our security homes, honor, Islamic Faith, and future. Some parents tried in vain to save their children after these children fell into the trip of drugs. But it was too late, and these children died. The truth of the matter is that negligence, failure to pay attention to the family, discarding education, and paternal failure to give a good example of children have produced for all a corrupt, evil, and useless child who relinquished his mosque, university, club, plant, and enterprise and joined robbers, terrorists and burglars fighting against society. In fact, he has become a professional thief. We can find these people in the remote desert as part of a gang defecting from justice. They are being pursued as snakes are pursued and killed in the same way snakes are killed. They are dragged like a goat as a body soaked with sin and filth. They no longer use ablution, wash himself, or try to appear as pure or sacred, because “Oh ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, sacrificing to stones, and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination, – of Satan’s handiwork eschew such an (abomination) that ye may prosper. (al-Maida Sura, verse 90).