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Wolves That Choose Well | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The ferocious wolves have struck Beirut once again. They attacked Gebran Tueni. These wolves target those on a list of victims, filled with envy and hate. We must acknowledge their ability to carefully select their prey!

These ferocious werewolves do not kill cowards, mercenaries, or sell outs. Rather, they target the best among us: the most courageous, the most humane and those willing to sacrifice themselves. They chose Rafiq Hariri, Georges Hawi, Samir Kassir, and Gebran Tueni.

Tueni was brave, at a time when courageous words were difficult and costly, when Beirut was under siege by the agents of repression and the security services… but this courage was difficult and costly. Gebran Tueni represented a rare variety of fighters in an age of mercenaries and repression. Great men and women are the legitimate children of a turbulent era. They are defiant when rebelliousness is difficult. With their hearts and souls, they protest for the sake of a small beautiful country that was humiliated and repressed!

Have you ever come across a nation as solid and daring as the Lebanese? All the armies were defeated at the gates of Beirut. All the mercenaries lost their battle with the Lebanese. As children, we were often told the Lebanese were good businessmen and traders. However, as we grew older, we realized the Lebanese were also successful in confronting challenges; in that sense, they are the descendants of the Prophet Ayoub. They have an immense ability to be tolerant and patient. They are a model for persistence and sacrifice! Every time the wolves attack a leading figure, the Lebanese will pull closer together and this beautiful but stubborn country will edge closer to freedom!

We miss our honorable colleague. It is sad to think that never again will I hear his voice or hear him shouting, inviting me for a coffee in An Nahar”s offices. How does one look into the eyes of the great Ghassan Tueni who lost his son in such a horrific way? What will An Nahar and the Lebanese press be after Gebran”s death?

May you rest in peace, beautiful friend, Gebran Tueni.