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Understanding the mind of Qaddafi | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The representatives of eight Arab countries together with the Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Musa are meeting in Cairo as members of a committee called ”Colonel Muammar Qaddafi”s Ideas”. This committee was formed after the last Algeria summit to regain the trust of Colonel Qaddafi and to dissuade him from withdrawing from the Arab league.

As long as this remains the wish of &#34the Brother and Leader of the Revolution&#34, we should not oppose it. As long as the secretary general and eight other countries are modest enough to accept the work as part of this committee, we suggest that they turn to studying the application of Qaddafi”s complex ideas. This would require Amr Musa to go with the eight representatives to evaluate the effect of Qaddafi”s ideas on the Libyan people. Based on these results, they should decide whether this ideology is a necessity for Libya and the Arab nation.

We want the secretary general and the committee members to discuss the condition of development in Libya, the progress achieved in agricultural and scientific research fields. We want to know the living standards by which the Libyan people live, and the luxuries that they enjoy in the oil-rich Libyan republic. How high is the quality of universities and do they follow academic traditions? What is the status of human rights and freedom? Are opinions confined causing many to flee the country out of fear for one”s safety? How disciplined are public financial operations? Was Libya”s money used to sponsor foreign terrorist groups or used in compensation for the victims of bombed public planes? We want to be certain that the Libyan people live the lives that they deserve in the shadow of Qaddafi”s ideology. Only then, can Amr Musa and other members send their reports about the application of Qaddafi”s ideas on the great socialist republic with the aim of extending its application to all Arab countries or even to the whole world depending on the theory that the green book came to rescue humanity.

As for those who are meeting in London to speak on behalf of the Libyan opposition and who are calling for reform, they have probably lost their way. They have a leader whom eight countries in addition to the secretary general of the League all follow his ideology. They should be appreciative of such a merit, as no one looks up to the ideas of the leaders from the rest of our nations, none of which have a green book or a yellow book. The best solution for these opponents is that they join the Arab League committee so that they may be guided onto the right path. They may then return to their country to become members of the popular committees, take part in the demonstrations and the conferences that Libya has been witnessing for decades, which transformed Libya into a socialist Republic and a great one at that!

May we be spared the gloating!