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The Worst of All Defenders | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The worst thing for an individual to face is to have his case defended by incompetent representatives; especially if this individual is the most noble man to have ever set foot on earth, that is the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

This was exactly the case when some Arabs and Muslims reacted to the hideous crime of the caricature that sought to defame our noble Prophet (PBUH). The alleged defense of the Prophet saw a number of inept actions all over the world.

What was the significance of burning the Danish flag in the West Bank? What have the Danish community in the Palestinian territories done except to care for the sick and help the needy children of that region? We must differentiate between those Danish volunteers who left their homeland to help the disadvantaged and those lunatics who drew immoral caricatures that represent nothing but racism and a deep hatred.

The bombing of churches in Baghdad that was followed by a statement explaining that such actions came about in response to the blasphemous drawings also makes us question how are Iraqi Christians who love their country and nation and respect Islam associated with the lunatics who had created the offensive drawings.

In the Arab world, we seem to suffer from totalitarianism and generalization. Many seem to be unaware that not all material that is written or drawn by any maniac or deviant is the general conviction of people of that nation. Many are also unaware that the Danish Prime Minister can be dismissed from his post if he dictates what a newspaper can or cannot publish. Contrary to what some may believe, the leaders in democratic countries are not in full control of the press.

The issue of boycotting Danish products had escalated to the extent that prominent Islamic preacher Sheikh Qaradawi stated that he would boycott the world and not only Denmark in defense of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He added that all Muslims can make do without imported foods and commodities and rely on milk and dates as a source of nutrition. Imagine if the Arab world boycotted the United States, Canada and Australia. A boycott in our Arab world that suffers from overpopulation, may lead to a shortage of basic commodities in some cases. However, what could happen if our Arab world boycotts Boeing, airbus planes, Microsoft or vehicle companies? This may lead to the cancellation of Arab exports such as oil, olives and cotton to the world.

We wear what is made by others, we use what others have produced and eat what others have planted. Who will suffer the consumer or producer? Who is his own master: he who plants, produces and strives or he who consumes?

Imagine, Al-Jazeera asked the editor-in-chief of the Danish newspaper why they do not attack Jesus in their blasphemous campaign! What more does one need to say to demonstrate the foolish defense of this matter?

We pray that the Islamic nation will follow the path of Prophet Mohammed and adopt his rationality and wisdom in dealing with crises. Such traits are the greatest blessings that God can give to man.