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The Secret Lies in Proficiency | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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I had spent a number of days in various Asian countries that are known as the Asian tigers. There are many explanations for the economic and technological advancement of these states, however my argument that I put forward is that the individuals of these societies are hard-working and proficient regardless of their social status or the nature of their jobs.

The buildings glass windows are meticulously clean because the worker, who I observed for some time, is someone who takes his job seriously. Gardens are well arranged as the gardener too is serious in his work.

My solid conviction is that individuals, their ethics, their outlook on life and their dedication contribute to the basis of civilization. Reckless and irresponsible nations are the result of careless and lazy individuals.

Why else would Egyptians regard Alexandria’s governor with much pride and admiration. They prefer to call him Al-Mahboob (meaning the loved) rather than his real name Al-Mahgoob. How was this man able to cleanse and beautify the city? Are all the governors in the country not ruled by the same regulations, the same bureaucratic authorities and the same regime? The secret certainly remains in the individual himself.

I also wonder how Mohammed Binaissa, Morocco’s foreign minister managed to transform a small city on the sea where he lived from an insignificant forgotten city into a landmark of culture, art and conversation, making Asilah one of the world’s most lively cities.

Would anyone deny the success of Rashid Bin Saeed with the moderate education that he had received of setting the base of a poor forgotten city known as the emirate of Dubai continued by his sons who further strengthened the great civilization that Dubai is currently witnessing?

Aside from nations and countries, what about the women who have been widowed and have experienced severe circumstances but have raised respectable men and women. Many have come from less privileged backgrounds yet have achieved great successes as adults. We should take inspiration from this.