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Has Syria become a republic of ambiguity?

Has the Syrian government made the decision to remain silent and not provide any information on what took place in Syria?

Does the Syrian citizen, and those following the events in Syria from outside of the country, have to wait for Israeli radio and press or international news agencies in order to know the truth, that is, what really happened in Syria [at the hands of Israel]?

The attack on the military barracks has remained a mystery to this day since no official in Syria has offered an explanation for the incident. Israelis, Americans and others have discussed the Israeli bombing on Syria, while Syria remained the quietist on the subject. A former Israeli intelligence director said that if the truth behind the bombardment was revealed, the world would be amazed.

The military planes that attacked one of the Damascene districts gave rise to speculation in light of the “official” Syrian silence.

Previously, this policy was practiced in Russia and in a number of former Soviet republics. This is what led people to listen to news about their country from foreign sources, to the point that people no longer trusted official reports [in their respective country].

Syria would be making a mistake if the policy of remaining silent and hiding information continues to prevail. Syria should not blame anyone who oversteps the boundaries in their analyses of events and misinterprets them, as the concerned party does not speak, see, or hear.

In fact, it is not possible to know what is taking place in ambiguous Syria unless one has established strong ties with Tehran or foreign intelligence agencies. It is a confusing situation for Syria let alone anyone else.