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The people of the Gulf and minefields | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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There are crises and there are silent crises. The latter is what has been taking place within the Gulf Cooperation Council presently. There is no shame in the fact that predicaments take place, but what is concerning is the overlooking of these dilemmas, the inability to solve such problems and the dependency on time to heal situations.

Perhaps the Kuwaiti Prime Minister in a recent session in Riyadh should not have addressed these &#34silent crises&#34. Ministers who attended the session called upon the Kuwaiti Prime Minister to take political action in order to solve these problems. It is clear that the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister has paved the way for negotiations to take place by visiting a number of Gulf capitals, however, one major step needs to take place first and that is cooperation and unification between all parties in which each party will prioritize the future of their country before anything else.

There are some facts that need to be explicitly addressed, such as the mutual agitation of the media that aims to infuriate others which is a harmful practice that benefits nobody yet harms everybody. The belief that one can ally himself with a fellow gulf group is an outdated strategy that was used in the seventies and eighties and that had disastrous effects. In addition to this is the practice of establishing international ties at the expense of neighboring countries and exploiting visits to major capitals to conspire against one another. Together, these are hazardous practices that effect each and every country in the region. The international community now examines everything and secrets no longer exist in the political arena.

The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council exclusively have been given an excellent opportunity. The countries are now coherent and committed more than ever to the council. They are aiming higher and making the most of the common mentality and background that they share and despite disputes, peaceful diplomacy is continuously sought.

There are still some dilemmas that need solving via mutual understanding and practice. One of these dilemmas is what we describe here in the gulf region as &#34Holding our breath&#34 which should be stopped because culture cannot be built upon whims and unstable emotions.

The people of the gulf have a real chance to overcome the minefield threats that they face, however this can be achieved only through mutual thoughts, logical thinking and common interests.