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The Hellish Plot | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The hellish plot of the terrorist groups caught by Saudi security forces proves that these groups have no patriotic or religious goals and that their only mission is to disrupt peaceful communities causing death amongst them and loss of livelihood.

How else can one explain a group of people flying airplanes to destroy the sites of oil facilities, which make up the source of income for an entire community? What is the moral or religious justification for such a despicable act?

The hellish plot indicates moral corruption; how else can a group that claims to read the Quran and follow the Sunnah pledge allegiance to a delusional leader? What would happen to this nation if every group of lunatics pledged allegiance to a caliph as they claim and what terrible ordeal would afflict the people from such a devious act?

The Saudi security forces have undoubtedly achieved a great success in reaching these terrorist cells, monitoring and preventing them from carrying out these crimes. However, there are two points that deserve to be looked at and studied; firstly, the source of funding of these terrorist groups and the large amounts of money that were found. Where did they come from? Could it be the case that the money comes from humble people who donate with good intentions, but the money is used to murder? The issue requires serious reviewing of the methods of collecting money and preventing funds from reaching terrorists.

The second issue relates to the instigators and activists of these terrorist groups that usually consist of young people; what are the sources of knowledge used and the religious rulings? Who persuades them to be enemies of themselves and their countries? What books do they read and which rulings do they refer to? Who are the Sheikhs that push them towards this madness?

It is incorrect for people outside of the Saudi Arabia to think that this hellish plot is a Saudi issue as terrorism is a regional matter and it targets the stability of the entire region. What is required is that everyone cooperates with no boundaries. The message of death is the same whether in Riyadh, Baghdad or any other Arab capital. Terrorism is the same; it can only be dealt with through sincere and diligent collective action by all parties.