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The heart is our compass! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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He who said that &#34the larger the view, the less words can describe&#34 meant it in essence rather than appearance. He was talking about a state of purity that embraces the spirit and transforms the body into a world of universal harmony.

The more ambiguous matters get, the quicker clarity will arrive and radiate proudly. The more we push people away from our hearts, the more difficult the journey. As we go deeper into the jungle, the trees conceal the view more and more. The further we move away from the shore, the more we unite on the saffron-smelling wood of the ship.

There is no time to waste in teasing souls, joking with someone who cannot take a joke, and becoming angry in a world that longs for a large amount of tranquility and eternal peace! All those who toyed with such great universal demands, protested against them or became angry with them were in fact challenging a mountain. Such demands are serious matters.

The equation is surprisingly simple. When souls are easygoing, clear and uncomplicated, they reveal all that is inside them. They realize that briefness of their journey and that any moment that passes cannot be redeemed. When we become angry we destroy ourselves in the process of this greater plot against our own souls which eventually exterminates our veins and hearts.

Everything passes. Time and events, joy and grief, sadness and happiness, birth and death, all these pass. Such a timeless mixture of contradictions is what makes up this beautiful everlasting image!

When will we stop practicing this hobby of slow suicide through imaginary battles constructed by ourselves? Do we think that our mission in this world is to tease and manipulate or to be stubborn and angry? Even if there is no one to practice these cursed hobbies against, we aim them at ourselves instead.

We cannot question those who have passed away or those who have not yet been born. No one will inform us of these other worlds just as we cannot tell them about our world. Our souls are our compasses and those who follow their hearts will never lose their way, will not over-question their life or even have many regrets. Let your heart be your compass and only then will you reach that long-awaited fascinating lake!