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The Broken Records in Damascus | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The dominant tone of the Baath Party conference in Damascus has been frustrating, repetitive and worn out. As well as being out of date, the prevailing manner of government now seems unsuitable to its environment.

Empty romantic words of the Baath Party”s &#34central power&#34 were thrown about at the conference. Members spoke of past illusions of an eternal mission, and a central role for Arabs within the arena of international politics; however, such words were blatantly regurgitated without genuine belief in them or any benefit from them.

Rhetoric about unity, freedom and liberty are now artificial expressions rather than passionate concepts that nations aim for. How can there be any unity in the Arab world, where tribal mentality prevails that of the nation and violence shapes national relations? How can we even discuss freedom when the most basic liberty of freedom of speech is absent? Where is the socialism that they advocate when socio-economic conditions are regressing rather than developing?

The Socialist Baath Party and its remaining divisions in some Arab capitals have become outdated. Its language and ideas have too become obsolete. Those who established the party had a completely different vision for the party than the totalitarian regime that we have today. Their aspirations did not include today”s backward economy or the murdering of creativity and free speech.

It would be a fatal error strategically for Damascus to continue using this repetitive political language. It will cause Damascus to overlook an opportunity to finally become a modern state with all related dynamics, development in place and a multi-party framework. This is an opportunity to abandon a political language that has not contributed to Syrian society except by ensuring defeat and frustration!

We thought the old guards would compromise part of their plans. It turned out, however that their aged language is still dominating the Syrian Baath Party Conference.