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The Arab World and its &#34Exceptional&#34 Circumstance! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The call for Arab leaders to attend a summit in Sharm El-Sheikh will be yet another meaningless formal meeting to no avail for the Arab world in its contemporary predicament.

The most amusing justification for the summit was the claim that the region is currently experiencing &#34exceptional&#34 circumstances! Apparently, such &#34exceptional&#34 circumstances require consultation in the form of another summit, yet any Arab citizen with any form of memory would know that every Arab summit has been convened to discuss &#34exceptional&#34 circumstances!

Rather, the question is when have the Arabs lived in unexceptional circumstances? When will we give up these words that the Arab nation is currently experiencing exceptional circumstances? For the past fifty years we have accomplished nothing but meeting to discuss the &#34current, exceptional circumstance&#34 of the Arab world.

Such an &#34exceptional circumstance&#34 is 100% homemade by the Arabs. It is the outcome of an accumulation of years of recklessness and the absence of administration”s will to reform and develop.

The Arabs have waged their wars against Israel and the results have been tragic. Unfortunately, nations that wage wars armed with nothing but enthusiastic songs and slogans cannot be victorious. They also engaged in brutal battles against each other with more than six Arab countries damaged by civil wars, some of which are still suffering from its effects. Arabs wasted billions of dollars on their armies, whilst neglecting schools, universities and hospitals. Arab armies led military coups under false mottos that brought poverty to the nation and delivered the rest of its land to its enemy!

The American presence in Iraq is a result of Arab silence towards Saddam Hussein and his crimes. They remained silent as he wasted his people and the wealth of the country fighting meaningless battles and creating a vacuum of which nobody could fill. The hindrance of establishing peace and the delay of ascertaining Palestinian rights is not only consequent to the procrastination of Israel with its aggressive policies, but rather as well as our method of managing the battle either militarily and peacefully. Arabs commit the crimes of Darfour. The Arabs themselves kill civilians all over the Arab world. Behind the poverty, unemployment and frustration remain the policies of Arab countries that act irresponsibly. Yet after all this, we are still requesting an Arab summit to discuss the current and &#34exceptional circumstances&#34!