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The Arab-Iraqis | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Constantly silent, watching and gloating in celebration of the perpetual violence in Iraq, these spectators have not learned from history, and continue to repeat the same disastrous mistakes.

Terrorism in Iraq is facing a massive American military apparatus as well as widespread rejection from the Iraqi’s especially since its victims are mostly innocent Iraqi citizens and policemen. This bloc will find itself in a dangerous situation, when a reflexive reaction occurs and this form of terrorism starts getting exported outside of Iraq’s parameters. Then we will see The Afghan-Arabs scenario repeat itself, as these groups start attacking Arab and regional capitals including those that backed them up, facilitated their movement, or

encouraged them to sneak through their boarders.

The Arab-Iraqis will be a similar phenomenon to Afghan-Arabs. A number of Arab countries and the United States had encouraged what is called Afghani Jihad, and in turn helped lay the foundations of the Afghani Taliban movement. Eventually, the spell turned against its magician and those who were trained by the CIA carried out the September 11th attack inside the US.

America was not the only victim of their criminal acts, but also a number of Arab countries that had supported them or at least turned a blind eye to their activities. We now know that terrorism has no exceptions. As long as terrorism considers regimes to be atheists, nations as amoral, since they support these regimes, and as long as some people are ready to die thinking they are martyrs, this vicious circle will continue.

This faction of terrorism-watching spectators, that celebrate American deaths in Iraq, and export terrorism to fight in other countries, suffer from ignorance and lack a basic understanding of history.

They are putting the interests of entire nations in danger. Arab countries who may be, god forbid, victims of this terrorism must take part in regional and international efforts to stop violence and encourage dialogue. We expect them to normalize relations with the elected Iraqi government, and to give humanitarian and financial assistance. To those that laugh as they watch their neighbors’ house burn; they should know that these flames know no bounders and that their homes could be next.