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Settling the Security Situation in Gaza | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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I think, and I hope I”m wrong when I say that the Gaza strip will face many security problems, which will lead to Palestinian infighting, purely based on competitiveness and irresponsible exhibitions of weaponry and power. It is important to value the fact Abu Mazen skipped the Israelis withdrawal from Gaza celebrations. For an area that has become a spectacle of weapons and power demonstrations, anything is possible. Order would be a lost cause in Gaza, which would then become fertile ground for corruption by all including the Israeli Mossad.

Arabs need to move fast in order to salvage the security situation in Gaza before it is too late, and for that to happen there needs to be an Arab support fund to help develop the Gaza strip. Such a development scheme would have to be made up of a joint fund provided by Arab Governments, civil society institutions and businessmen.

There are only two routes to take here. One would be for the Palestinians to develop a humane and civilized model that would put Israel on the spot, and with the help of international pressure force it to retreat from the rest of the occupied territories. With this option, Palestinians would be able to bring about an air of optimism, and in the process ensure a better future for the next generation. This would also strengthen the Palestinians of the western bank”s will and help accelerate Israeli withdrawal.

The other route that could be pursued is that of war, power plays, missile lunches against Israel, and a return to the mantra of &#34Martyrdom till the end&#34. Unfortunately this option has already started, with masked men with their weapons on display on the streets of Gaza. This could give out the impression to the world that the Gaza strip is an unsafe place to live in, and that no one should set foot in there let alone invest and nurture. It is almost as if some people cannot accommodate the notion of peace or the option of living.

If the Palestinian authority were to be left to deal with Gaza”s turbulent status solely, it would surely fail. What is required here is for an elaborate pan-Arab political, diplomatic and financial support particularly from influential parties, because the worst-case scenario is to abandon the Palestinian authority, and allow the insubordination situation to continue.