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Saddam washing his socks | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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It is truly amazing how quickly times change! The latest pictures of Saddam Hussein washing his underwear are now considered a breach of International Law, a violation of the Geneva Conventions, and contrary to the rules of the United States Army.

But, I ask, what about Iraqi mothers and wives who have lost their loved ones? What about the relatives of the hundreds and thousands of people who disappeared in Saddam”s prisons and execution chambers, at a time when the Iraqi dictator only wore the finest French suits and smoked premium Cuban cigars, leaving his citizens without dignity and defenses against collective punishment, with migration to Sydney or Chicago as the only was out?

There is no comfort for the victims of Halabja, the inhabitants of a small and peaceful Kurdish village which Saddam turned into a graveyard using unconventional weapons. Back then; no one uttered a word on human rights, violations of international agreements or the loss of dignity. No one batted an eyelid to the sight of women murder and naked!

There is no sympathy for Kuwaiti and Iranian prisoners of war killed by Saddam”s regime after being denied their basic rights. They were not allowed to wash their clothes in their cells; no one knew were they were held, until Western laboratories used DNA technology to find out!

As for Saddam, who long ago lost any pretense to humanity and mercy, it is not shameful to see him lose a few clothes. His bareness on the ethical and human levels is engrained in people”s minds. His latest show of nakedness, as such, is of no real consequence!

I say thank you to the Geneva Conventions, and thank you to the fake tears being shed in order to preserve the image of the President, the Supreme Leader, in the face of these latest humiliating pictures!

What we are now witnessing is an unethical strip show by those who were standing by Saddam when he killed innocent people, yet, all of a sudden, are now crying wolf when seeing pictures of him in prison! Poor Saddam! What a humiliating end to the Supreme Leader!