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I would like to hear a single statement from the leaders of Hamas or the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, or even from one of the minor cadres concerning rebuilding, development, education, or the improvement of health care. In short, I would like to hear a statement regarding improving the living conditions of the people.

Whenever one of the leaders appears in the media, he speaks of death and martyrdom saying, &#34we will shake the ground under the enemy”s feet&#34. Despite the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza raising hopes for the future and for more negotiations with Israel to withdraw from the other occupied territories, the language of war, violence, and verbal defiance still prevails and is dominant in their words.

It is acceptable for a person to die for God”s sake in defense of his country, but why do we not live for God by calling for development and reminding people that the aim of a Muslim in this world is to improve the world in which he lives. Why do we not plant the love for life in the younger generations and convince them that the challenge of development is as important as that of war and even more difficult. The mission to liberate a country is hard, but reconstructing it is even harder. Why do we confuse the personal goal of martyrdom, according to ones understanding of it with the killing of civilians as well as the &#34martyr&#34 through chaotic operations causing more harm than good?

God blesses the person who recognizes his own ability, but at which point in life does this take place? When will we realize the huge gap between us and the other, with its international alliances and technological capacities? This is not a call to undermine ourselves and our capacities, but a wise person studies the situation from all its angles and uses all possible means to reach their goal. As for disregarding the role of diplomatic negotiations, and recognizing the tactical use of political pressure, believing that violence is the only solution is irresponsible and simply leads to more misery.

Hamas and Jihad are mistaken if they believe that they are the sole cause for Israel”s withdrawal from the Gaza strip. In fact, all Palestinian forces made their sacrifices to the cause. This includes the enormous political and diplomatic efforts of the Palestinian Authority and its tough negotiations with Israel. Pressures from Arab and the international community also contributed to this victory. If the matter were only one of military battle between the two sides, the result would not have been in our favor.

Please be merciful to the Palestinians and the people of Gaza in particular. Allow the people to catch their breath after decades of occupation. They wish to have schools, hospitals, roads, laws and a life in which basic human needs are provided for. This matter will not be solved by issuing statements declaring that, &#34we will shake the ground under their feet&#34, despite any good intention behind it. It takes dignified political efforts to re-build Gaza and to liberate the rest of the occupied territories.