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King Fahd bin Abdulaziz passes away | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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King Fahd bin Abdulaziz has passed away after steering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through difficult times. He was never defeated and neither was the homeland. No other monarch, since the founding of Saudi Arabia , has faced such momentous events as him.

The late problem tackled problems in economic growth, education, and the system of government. He was particularly interested in ensuring popular participation and openness. Some dreams, however, are larger than the desires and capabilities of one person. King Fahd’s illness stood in the way of transforming his dreams into reality.

Following the regional earthquake in 1990, when Iraq invaded neighboring Kuwait and Saddam Hussein’s troops reached the Kingdom’s borders, King Fahd made the historical decision to confront the ex- Iraqi dictator. Back then, no one could have predicted what the future holds, what problems might arise, and the size of human casualties… King Fhad led the way and seized the initiative; he decided to face up to Saddam and suffer the consequences. His decision making and determination liberated Kuwait and safeguarded Saudi Arabia .

The death of King Fahd has filled everyone with sadness and sorrow; nevertheless the speed with which the ruling family has dealt with matters of succession is reassuring. Stability and continuity are necessary for trust in the government to continue.

With the passing away of King Fahd, Saudi Arabia has lost one of its bravest soldiers, As King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz takes office, hopes for the future abound. King Abdullah is a veteran of the world of politics and everyone agrees the new monarch truly wants to embark on a road of stability, justice, and reform. His honesty and spontaneity accompany a strong will.

Saudis have lost their captain, butt their ship will continue its journey in the midst of regional and international waves determined to develop and build their country and see of the reformist project until the end to ensure public participation and economic competition. May God bless Fahd bin Abdulaziz’s soul and assist his successor in accomplishing his mission.