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Israel’s Certificate for Best Behavior | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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It seems as if Hamas and Fatah are presently competing to ensure that Israel receives a certificate for best behavior!

Following the murders of three innocent children, Fatah accused Hamas. After a judge was killed in Gaza and when shots were fired at the security convoy of the Palestinian prime minister, Hamas accused Fatah.

The important point is that these accusations were made less than an hour after each of the incidents, with no side stopping to ask who would benefit from such events and with neither of the two sides presenting any evidence to back their claims. More importantly, is seems that the Palestinians are seeking to convince us that the Israelis are innocent of shedding Palestinian blood and that the Palestinians are capable and are proudly determined to go down the path of civil war. In response to claims of involvement in the assassination attempt of Ismail Haniyeh, Mohammed Dahlan said, “This is an honor that I do not claim.” Such comments demonstrated the recklessness towards Palestinian blood and the irresponsibility of a statesman who should be prioritizing the interests of his people over those related to partisanship.

The Hamas leader’s statements and behavior were just as bad as the comments expressed by Dahlan. Political adolescence at the hands of Hamas has reached the point that the prime minister returned home with a suitcase stashed with US Dollars bringing with it “strategic depth” from Tehran, as if he is a grocer and not the prime minister of a nation facing a real crisis that Dollars in a suitcase will not solve, but rather can be resolved by a responsible political stance towards the Palestinian disaster. Is it possible that any rational person would swallow Hamas’ claim that Mahmoud Abbas has declared “war on God”? Can anybody accept such words from a movement that claims to be an Islamic organization that should reject such a deplorable suggestion?

Is it the case that what is needed is for us to be convinced that Israel is a beacon of peace that is not involved in the shedding of Palestinian blood? Do we need all that remains of Arab and international sympathy for the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause to be eliminated? Can anybody today talk about support and aid with leaders who behave like thugs and cannot see past the ends of their noses and the interests of their parties? Is there anybody who knowingly commits political suicide then seeks help from others to save him from himself and his misconduct? There is no gloating over another’s misfortune.