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Is there light at the end of the tunnel? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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As night falls and the world seems to be becoming a darker place before us, we look to the sky in search of a light from a far away star to bring back tranquility to these fearful hearts of ours.

The more streets are filled with human remains, blood and car bombs that kill every living thing in its way, and spread hatred and fear over Arab cities and villages, the more we look to the faces of children in hope of a more humane substitute for this cruel Arab jungle which extends from ocean to ocean.

We watch as the young children leave their classrooms to take part in the tough manual labor of workshops and factories. They do not realize the importance of their childhood or the essence of such tenderness. They fail to pack away their toys from the bedroom floor because they have no bedrooms. The more we see this, the more we mutter incomprehensible words in the hope that there exists a light at the end of the tunnel.

The world invented the large passenger plane after conducting scientific experiments and research costing billions of dollars. Our youth, on the other hand, drive these planes to blow them up in tranquil cities, seeking to reject the idea that heroism is not in destroying planes but in manufacturing them.

Our youth plant explosives on the underground systems of London and Madrid after the success of a developing human civilization, from Aristotle to Ibn Al-Haytham to Einstein and to the labs of Boston and Paris, succeeded in discovering this wonder that transports people under the cities from east to west. Heroism lies in creating an underground station in an Arab capital rather than destroying those of Europe.

News agencies have broadcasted the moments when astronauts, headed by a woman, stepped off their spacecraft live. The world unites, cultivates, invents, develops and sets out to discover outer space. Meanwhile, our youth move from the caves of Tora Bora to the prisons of Guantanamo whilst detonating bombs causing civilian casualties in Riyadh, Cairo, Sana”a, and Beirut. The Afghani Taliban movement still prevents an Afghani female doctor from curing the women of Afghanistan. In the same manner, Mullah Omer, who escaped on a motor bike produced in Tokyo, still states that a woman need leave her house twice in her lifetime; when leaving her parent”s house for her husband”s house and when leaving her husband”s house for her final resting place, namely her grave! When will we be fair to ourselves?

The first teaching of the Qu”ran instructs us to &#34read&#34, yet we still insist on disrespecting and neglecting our God-given minds!