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Iraq''s Sunni Rejection Front - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Judging from the behavior of several of Iraq”s Sunni leaders, we can deduce that they are totally opposed to the entire political process and that the issue is not related to some changes in the constitution, but more of an attempt to support the continuance of violence and terrorism. Every time the Iraqi political forces including the rationalist Sunni leadership- try to reach a common ground among all parties, the Sunni opposition groups usually reject all solutions and consequently sabotage the whole process. It seems that they long for the past and flirt with terrorism under weak pretenses such as the so-called &#34marginalization of the Sunnis.&#34 Moreover, they insist on accusing all Iraqi parties of serving foreign interests.

In fact, most of those who raised the Banner of &#34defending of the Iraqi Sunnis&#34 are the ones who isolated the Sunnis the most through their urge of boycotting the former elections. This in turn caused an imbalance in Iraq”s social equilibrium. They were also the ones who terrorized voters away from ballot boxes. Now they accuse everyone who disagrees with them with being an agent of foreign countries.

Could something be more humiliating to Iraq then the Sunni demonstrations, with pictures of Saddam Hussein carried by the demonstrators? What message do they want to send to the rest of the Iraqi population? Moreover, could those demonstrators really be representatives of the Sunni population who suffered with others under the former regime?

Why the insistence on defending the Baath party as if the were the main representatives of the Sunnis?

Everyone knows that the Baathist were nothing more then a gang of thugs that includes all ethnicities from Iraq and that its victims also come from all the Iraqi ethnic backgrounds. The infamous mass graves included all the honored people from all the elements that make up Iraqi society. The effective Sunni powers should move ahead with all their leaders to rid the Sunni population from all those terrorists who raise slogans that are superficially compassionate yet deeply harmful. The factions that have managed to take all Sunnis hostage to their interests and opposed all the plans that aimed for peace in Iraq.

The Iraqi Sunnis are one of the main components of the Iraqi people. Their positive participation is a condition for social peace. Yet, those who oppose everything and all initiatives and raise the photos of the former dictator are harming Iraq as well as walking against the winds of change and stability.