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Iran”s New Mission | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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After the Arabs and Muslims failed to eliminate Israel, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to try his luck by announcing his desire to wipe Israel off the map. After the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of Arabs who died or were injured in several wars against Israel were wasted as Israel occupied more Arab lands, the Iranian President came to try his luck.

There are only two ways for the Iranian president to wipe Israel off the map. The first is to mobilize the Iranian army and deploy it against Israel. This requires the agreement of Arab governments whose territories this army will have to cross which have signed up to a proposal of peace with Israel creating two states, one Jewish and other Palestinian. The army will also have to pass through occupied Palestinian territories administered by a national authority, which has signed a number of peace agreements with Israel.

As for the second alternative, it is to develop a nuclear weapon and use it to hit Israel. This raises another problem. The nuclear weapon is not a smart weapon. It kills everyone, including four million Palestinian living in the Occupied Territories and inside Israel. A nuclear bomb would not respect international boundaries and will endanger the people of Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other countries near Israel.

First and foremost, however, is it reasonable for someone who wants to wipe Israel off the map to announce this historical and dangerous plan outright, instead of keeping it a top-secret?

Mahmoud Ahamdinejad on his own will eliminate Israel, while the Arab world, and especially the Palestinians, adopt peace plans with Israel. He Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sought to please an enthusiastic crowd in Tehran even if this meant turning the rest of the world against him; his statements have succeeded in uniting the world against him at a time when he needs the international community’s support for his nuclear program. Even if Israel had spent millions, it would have failed to achieve half of what the Iranian President did in his speech, which it has cleverly used to put pressure on Iran.

Iranian ambassadors in several western capitals engaged in a damage-control exercise and claimed the president’s words should not be taken literally to mean he called for the annihilation of Israel. Yet, Ahmadinejad put an end to the discussion and reaffirmed his statements!

Israel is a criminal aggressive state but it is indeed very lucky; its enemies offer their services for free on a golden plate. The latest statements by Iran’s president are a gift from heaven for the Israeli media to continue its campaign of lies. Critically, Ahmadinejad has given enough excuses for the United States and Israel to object to the Iranian nuclear program as a menace to the international community!

The Iranian president has created for himself a new mission, which requires much effort and time!