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Have you no shame? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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If we are to follow the logic of the Egyptian organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, one should not condemn either the crime that took place in Sharm El-Sheikh or the other terrorist acts that have recently taken place.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has its own justifications for violence. In a statement by the movement, in which it &#34condemned&#34 the Sharm Al-Sheikh crime, it also presented its justification for the crime. The statement said, &#34the colonialist policies pursued by the world”s strongest countries, as well as the aggression against the people are what provoke a culture of violence.”

The Muslim Brotherhood”s problem is that it has no shame. The roots of religious terrorism that we are witnessing today lie in the Muslim Brotherhood”s ideology of Takfir, which is accusing other Muslims of apostasy. Sayyid Qutb”s book entitled Ma”alim Fi”l Tariq (Milestones) was what inspired and the guided the Tafkir movements that came after its publication.

The founders of the violent groups were raised by the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood, and those who worked with Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda stemmed from the Muslim Brotherhood.

If the policies of the imperialist countries are what prompt violence, as declared in the Brotherhood”s statement, then what is it that stops the citizens of Vietnam, which America”s planes completely destroyed, from blowing up buildings in San Francisco? What is it that prevents the people of Japan, where America attacked with an atom bomb from blowing up Boston?

How are foreign tourists and innocent Egyptian citizens relevant to the policies of ”the imperialist countries”? Should innocent and defenseless citizens be killed in Sharm Al-Sheikh, Baghdad, Riyadh, and Sanaa in order to revenge imperialist countries?

Furthermore, it is none other than the Muslim Brotherhood that requests holding talks with America and seeks to convince the ”imperialist countries” and America that it represents moderate Islam.

The Muslim Brotherhood”s statement is an example of complete shamelessness. It is a continuation of the Brotherhood”s self-contradictory and deceitful language, which it has long been employing in the name of Islam.