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Hamas and Israeli Negotiations | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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It would be good to see Hamas use one clear language simply to ensure people of its good intentions. The Hamas movement was once part of the Muslim Brotherhood and this in itself is fine. However, the problem remains that Hamas adopts the belief that ends justifies the means. Hamas leaders believe that it would not harm their movement as they adopt three contradictory stances on the same matter as long as its serves the political interest of the movement, regardless of any principles even on a legitimate level.

The questions for which Hamas has no answers are trickier than a verbal maneuver can handle. Steps have been taken in the political system and the rights of both parties have to be met. Instead of contradictory statements in various parts of the world, what we simply demand is a precise definition of Hamas’s position on the peace process. Concerning the Americans, the movement’s representatives assert that they remain firm to the fundamentals of the movement without actually defining these fundamentals. One of the Palestinian parliamentary representatives of the movement had issued a somewhat bizarre statement explaining that Israel will continue to fund Palestinian authority under the leadership of Hamas, as Israel knows that Iran is ready to fund the Palestinian authority otherwise.

Personally, I hope that any Palestinian government, regardless of its composition, would continue to be supported financially as the election results must be respected. There is another side that Hamas will have to face when forming its government and to be able to communicate with this other side, namely Israel, Hamas will have to negotiate with it and its leaders as the movement could never claim that it will not negotiate with either Israel or the United States.

Hamas is aware that in terms of power, it is weaker than Israel and Hamas is further aware that the slogans about liberating the Palestinian territories from the sea to the river is a political statement that remains difficult to adopt by the Palestinian government that is actually in power.

In all cases, the political scene in Palestine is an extremely interesting one, full of anxiety and surprise.