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Death at a Wedding | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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The deathly message delivered at the wedding in Amman, Jordan that merely took the lives of innocent people, should be analyzed meticulously and ethically.

It is a lesson that clearly teaches that murder is simply murder regardless of who commits the crime and regardless of the nationalities of the victims. This very lesson teaches us that the one who killed the joyful atmosphere of the wedding is the same as those who kill innocent people in Iraq and those who have killed in Riyadh, Cairo, Sana”a and other Arab capitals.

It is a humane, ethical and religious duty to condemn and wage war against terrorism to which we are obliged. The support of such assassins under the claim of Iraqi resistance is a crime practiced against humanity and against innocent people.

That which advocates the act of terrorism in Iraq in the name of Islam and the nation, particularly in Jordanian newspapers, must end. Our duties are to cut the ties with terrorism and condemn all forms of murder regardless of our ideological, political, and religious affiliations. For such terrorists, everyone and everything is a target including innocent people, children, and weddings. The beauty of life itself is a target.

What kind of heroic act against Zionism, imperialism or occupation attacks where people have gathered to celebrate a marriage? What kind of recklessness is practiced when somebody murders attendees of a celebration in cold-blood?

We try to hide such devastating pictures from our children. We try to ignore such shocking news. We try our best not to believe that any Muslim or non-Muslim would commit such a crime against people, against this joyous event where children dressed in the best outfits and the most beautiful of flowers are part of such a wonderful scene.

What is taking place is a crime that words cannot express.

We pledge from you that these bombings and terror campaigns end.

Stop celebrating murder.

Humanity comes first.