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I did not realize the causes of the attack launched by some Gulf States upon the Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Musa, during the Gulf Summit in Abu Dhabi, until I read the Secretary General”s letter to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The letter, which expressed Musa”s viewpoint of Gulf policies concerning the Gulf region as nuclear free, was void of any civilized language. The letter indicates superiority, lack of respect for the GCC states. It is further difficult to believe that a figure of such caliber such as Amr Musa with his long diplomatic career and who once served as Foreign Minister of the Arab world”s largest state, Egypt, who is part of regional and international organizations, was unable to use a respectful language in his address to the Secretary General of the GCC. The tone of the letter reflected that of a teacher shouting orders to his pupils rather than a letter intended for leaders of states.

The Secretary General perceived the initiative of a nuclear free Gulf as an enforced demand from external powers indicating that the leaders are ignorant of their interests and the interests of their countries. The letter further described the GCC”s position on the Palestinian issue as &#34completely rhetorical and does not take into consideration the security prerequisites.&#34 His description contradicts reality and these comments should not have been made by one who holds the position of Secretary General of the Arab League.

Musa further described the initiative of a nuclear-free Middle East as &#34a trick and an oversimplified delusion&#34 and further added that Gulf policies &#34undermine the collective Arab efforts.&#34

Perhaps Amr Musa would be kind enough to define and explain the &#34collective Arab efforts&#34 and how the GCC States undermine them. One hopes that the Secretary General realizes that the GCC has not exaggerated any collective efforts undertaken by Arabs and that these states seek to carry out their duties towards other Arab countries. Furthermore, they seek to do so without using exaggerated heroic speeches despite all the criticism aimed at the Gulf Cooperation Council.