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Beautiful Misery! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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When the world began, it began with lovers. After came the woods, the seas and the flowers. Gardens were planted, coasts were formed and birds learnt to sing, conflicts were reconciled and peace, quietness and tranquility began.

Lovers are the essence of earth and the secret of its balance. They are the pillars of the grand arena of the universe. After them, a mother”s bosom is the most comforting place for a baby from where they begin their eternal journey of life. Like ships, they are guided by the stars and planets.

Lovers were the first to understand the meaning of a smile and the embracing of souls. Thanks to them, flowers possess numerous colors after long appearing in one dull color. The unique taste of lovers is what forms the rainbow. With their wonderful habit of arranging flowers, scattered seats around gardens and parks become shelters for strangers and lovers.

Lovers have no boundaries between them, no space and no barrier can separate them. They quickly understand each other. They do not need elaborate sentences to understand each other. They are too preoccupied with exploring and discovering each other.

Lovers are like wild gazelles on their miserable journey but what a beautiful misery it is! It is like the journey of a leaf leading to a tree, which then takes you too the tree and finally to the woods. When language is incapable of expression, then this is the beginning of love. When a new unfamiliar language emerges that is where love begins!

Lovers need not look into mirrors because as they do, they see not themselves but the image of their lover. As they serenely gaze, they remember the Gnostics saying that, &#34the broader the view, the less words can describe it&#34. Therefore, they choose to cast their eyes away from sad faces and depressed queues of people in case such sights should affect them!

Love is a secret that only lovers can decipher.