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Azmi Bishara’s Decision | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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I encourage the decision that might be taken by former Israeli Arab MP Azmi Bishara to return immediately to his country.

The man would be mistaken if he believes that he could fight his cause in the best way possible whilst away from his homeland. Israel would benefit the most from Bishara leaving his country, and the powers of Israeli extremism would celebrate as it drains the occupied territories of its national symbols. In recognition of the amount of suffering and our rejection of one-upmanship towards him, the accused, Azmi Bishara, a potential prisoner in Israel, will be a major issue, and the near future will determine whether Azmi Bishara staying away from his country will be ineffective.

If Bishara had said that he wants to take a short break, we would have said that this is his right to do so. However, the belief that he will do his cause justice whilst abroad is something that he should think about as many leaders who fight for a cause away from the concerned country have struggled to return. Furthermore, it has been proven many time over that struggling abroad is a ploy and that people outside of their homelands will be ineffective no matter how good their intentions may be and despite the extent to which the person preserves his purity. Following the first few days of the media circus that surrounds the decision to leave, he will eventually become just another figure.

Bishara says, and he has a point, that the issue of human rights in Israel is a disaster, however, he will soon realize that the condition in some Arab capitals, especially in those that raise their voices in defense of Palestine, is not much better. He will also discover that he will be a victim of the various Arab sides because for every capital that is satisfied with him, another will be angered by him. The Palestinian leaders were victims of the different Arab divisions whilst they were abroad and the Palestinians did not take action for independence until after they had abandoned the concept of separation and returned to their homeland.

We appreciate the suffering of Bishara and other leaders, however we hope that he will reconsider his decision and that he will cling to his country as reality has demonstrated that foreign lands are graveyards for those who have a cause with the exception of Mahmoud Darwish, who created a language and poetry that surpassed the domain of culture. The Arab world is full of politicians and Azmi Bishara, with all our respect and appreciation towards his personal right to choose his own way of life, will not add much to it.