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A Tunnel of Primitive Ignorance | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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How is the Arab World to emerge from the dark tunnel of ignorance and archaic beliefs it currently inhabits and join the enlightened freeway of humanity?

Across Arab capitals, one hears similar voices that echo fanaticism,

sectarian, tribal and elitist affiliations and uncompromising ideas. In Arab elections, candidates are chosen according to their race, sect, or the tribe they belong to. In these undemocratic capitals, a small faction controls events and holds the banners of a free state, whilst in reality; it is unrepresentative of the whole of society it lives in.

When will the Arab World leave this dark prehistoric cave? Truly, it is about time we start valuing human beings for who they are. An honest person does not need a tribe or a sect for protection. Conversely, people who are dishonest ought to pay for their crimes and not be allowed to hide behind their sectarian and tribal affiliations.

In the long lines leading to the ballet boxes, one finds individuals holding voting cards listing the names of their religion and tribe. These packs will help elect candidate irrespective of their abilities and suitability. If the leader of a tribe or a sect dies, he is immediately succeeded by his son, with group affiliation continuing to control every aspect of people”s lives.

These same leaders wage wars without a care for the future and the

consequences on their countries” development. Their only concern is to fanatically support the race, color, or group they belong to. To the blind masses I repeat the wise words of Omar Ibn Al Khattab, &#34how could you enslave people, when they are born free?&#34

Why can”t we be honest with ourselves and each other? Who appointed these leaders and surrounded them with a fake aura of holiness? Acquiescent Arab masses transform a few men into leaders, just as farmers did during the Dark Ages in Europe. It is individuals who make dictators by showering them with flattery and applause. In turn, when these dictators spread corruption and ruin people”s lives, the masses refuse to believe the facts around them; instead, they continue to sing the praise of their dictators as they have become unable to live with murdering leaders who constantly feed them hollow slogans. When a false idol finally falls, another is thrust in its place, in the name of freedom, democracy, Palestine, Arab nationalism, and religion!

Will the Arab World ever succeed in progressing beyond this sorry state of affairs and join the procession of human civilization with its tolerance and appreciation of mankind?