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A Round of Applause for Hamas | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Hats off to the Hamas movement for its undisputed victory, for they have succeeded where all other Palestinian organizations and Arab armies have failed.

Hamas liberated Gaza, raised the victory flags on all main government buildings and vanquished the Fatah occupation of the strip  what a glorious victory Hamas has bestowed upon the nation.

However more importantly; the Arabs have been trying, and are still trying, to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict by demanding the establishment of a national Palestinian state. But the Arabs have been rendered incapable, as were the Europeans and the Russians, of persuading Israel to accept a Palestinian state.

And yet Hamas succeeded in declaring not just one  but two  Palestinian states: ‘Hamasistan’ and the state of ‘Dafastan’ in Gaza. This means that the Israeli army can expect to witness some difficult days, since it will be fighting against two states instead of one, and will be dispersing its efforts between two air fleets  and perhaps even nuclear reactors of the two movements!

We should not be surprised to see Khaled Meshaal holding a press conference in Damascus or Tehran soon to announce the liberation of the West Bank; the man has extensive regional connections and there is a regional, logistical financial facilitation that flows through him on to Hamas.

We will not be surprised to hear Meshaal declare a ‘divine victory’ on all of the occupied territories, and that he will be capable of uniting the two Palestine states and then become nominated as the new President of Palestine!

Then, perhaps, he will succeed in transferring some of the nuclear reactors from Iran to Ramallah, while adopting mighty Samson’s attitude of destruction unto all.

The images of the Palestinian mothers and their children fleeing on the Erez Crossing that separates between Gaza and Israel is the same as the mothers and children fleeing from Nahr al Bared camp and those who were displaced from their villages and homes after the rise of the Israeli state in 1948.

And so, many thanks to Hamas in Gaza, Fatah al Islam in the refugee camps and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for their wonderful historical achievements!