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Prince Ahmed: Security between success, challenges | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah’s royal decree appointing Prince Ahmed as minister of interior to succeed his late brother Crown Prince Naif demonstrates the Saudi leadership’s capability to manage the country’s affairs perfectly during the most difficult times and when one of the pillars of government passes away.

Prince Ahmed’s appointment also proves the king places the interest, safety, stability and territorial integrity of the country above everything else.

Though the sadness over Prince Naif’s death is still gripping the nation and its leaders, the decisiveness and royal decrees to protect the country and fill the void are issued without any delay.

These decisions are dictated by the interests of the country and they put the right man in the right place without any hesitation.

Almighty Allah has bestowed Saudi Arabia with a brave, wise and humanitarian king and blessed him with brothers who are of great support to him.

As the Interior Ministry is one of the important government departments, particularly given the volatile conditions in the region and the world at large and the necessity to ward off terrorist acts committed by organized groups and sometimes by countries through allegations and lies, it is vital the ministry’s policy continue as it was without losing the security gains achieved by Prince Naif over four decades.

During his tenure, Prince Naif achieved greatly in repelling terrorism and confronting organized crime, smuggling, illegal infiltrations, drug trafficking and other crimes threatening the Kingdom’s safety and security.

This is in addition to the tremendous services extended to pilgrims to enable them perform Haj.

It is for these reasons Prince Ahmed has been appointed minister of interior.

The soundness, success and objectivity of this choice are demonstrated by many parameters well known to Saudis and others.

He is the right man in the right place and at the right time.

Prince Ahmed has the professional and personal characteristics that any would-be interior minister in Saudi Arabia needs in order to replace Prince Naif.

Prince Ahmed has acquired professional acumen from his long and extensive experience in the field of security. He has been deputy minister of interior since 1975.

During all these years he has been very close to Prince Naif so he understands all the details of security work.

He also has input in all security decisions.

As for his personal characteristics, Prince Ahmed is known for his firmness, seriousness, accuracy, perseverance and the ability to do his work quietly.

He is very disciplined, has a political vision and a security strategy.

He attempts to anticipate criminal activities and foil them before they are carried out. He has been very successful in dealing with a number of difficult and complicated cases.

This means the ministry will continue its business as usual under the leadership of Prince Ahmed with the help of Prince Muhammad bin Naif, the assistant minister of interior for security affairs, who has had unprecedented success in security work and is known for his competence and capabilities.

This will provide assurances to citizens, expatriates and pilgrims over their personal safety, properties and honor.

Despite the success achieved in the field of security, many security briefs will still remain open on the table of the new interior minister. Among others, they include:

• Terrorism: There are still those who are conspiring against the Kingdom’s security and stability. They will not feel at ease as long as the Kingdom is safe. Therefore this brief will always remain open. It is imperative to preserve the country’s security and protect its youth from falling prey to conspirators.

• Drug smuggling and trafficking: There are international gangs supported by some countries aiming to destroy the Kingdom’s youth by making them drug addicts.

• Smuggling and infiltration. This is where people and counterfeit goods enter the Kingdom.

• Regional and international security: They are attempts to commit financial crimes, and promote deviant thoughts and ideologies under religious, cultural and sectarian covers.

• Media influence: Some media organizations are attempting to alienate Saudi youths from the religious beliefs and social norms and traditions of their country.

• GCC security: Some regional powers are trying to shake the security and stability of some GCC countries.

• The unstable conditions in neighboring countries: Some regional powers might exploit these to fuel tensions and sedition.

• The Arab Spring: This covers the effect of the Arab Spring on regional stability.

There are a number of briefs that will remain open on Prince Ahmed and his aides’ desk.

This is the destiny of the Kingdom, a great country raising high the banner of monotheism.

The Kingdom has leaders dedicated to the service of the country and protecting its security and stability.

The source of these leaders will never dry up.