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Why Stand Against the Turks? | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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I refuse to defend the right of the Kurdish rebels to carry out their military operations against the Turkish state, since their practices are no different than those undertaken by violent armed groups in Iraq and the region.

It is Turkey’s prerogative to fight terrorism in its territory; this is an undisputed fact. However, we are confronted with a grave development: In all cases, Turkey will end up destroying the Iraqi Kurdish federacy in its entirety under the pretext of pursuing these militant Kurdish groups.

The Iraqi Kurdistan region is one that has been met with Turkey’s disapproval since it separated and became autonomous following the war to liberate Kuwait in 1991. The territory poses an ongoing threat to Turkey, Iran and Syria due to the presence of restless Kurdish minorities living on the land of these three countries.

In fact; this is what largely explains Syria’s support of Turkey in its position against Iraq, which it had justified as the right to defend itself. It also explains why

Iran shelled the Iraqi Kurdish area last month without being deterred by the Iraqi army or the US forces.

However; the more pertinent question is: Are we concerned with the survival of Iraqi Kurdistan notwithstanding the controversy that surrounds it within- and outside- of Iraq?

The demolition of the Kurdish model in Iraq will act as a gateway for Iraqi political seditions that could spread into the rest of the state at a time when everyone keeps reiterating the importance of maintaining the unity of Iraq. The destruction of Kurdistan means the destruction of the sole region that lives in relative stability, and the only refuge for thousands of Iraqis fleeing the violence that taints the rest of the country.

It’s high time the correct equation is understood properly. We demand a number of dutiful demands from the Kurds: We ask them to remain within Iraq and to not secede despite the fact that their region is on the brink of independence  should the political resolution be issued. We also ask of the Kurds to raise the Iraqi flag and to hand over their oil revenues to Baghdad. We demand that the armed Peshmerga force participate in the protection of the institutions in Baghdad. Furthermore, we ask the Kurds to adhere to the state’s resolutions and those issued by its institutions internally.

Now is the time to prove that Kurdistan has its rights just as it bears its responsibilities. The Kurds deserve that we stand by them against the Turks so as to prevent the Turkish tanks from crossing over into the region. We must also appeal to the Iraqi and American governments to defend Kurdistan in the same way they defend Baghdad against terrorists.

Practically speaking, Turkey’s determination to destroy the territory will be the last straw for Iraq after which it will become embroiled in a endless war between its sects, and the neighboring states and international forces.

The Iraqi Kurdistan territory represents the only successful model and stable pillar I the country, and thorough it; it is hoped that Iraq may be able to achieve unity and stability. If the Turks are permitted to crush Kurdistan, it will flash a green light signal before Iran to do the same in southern Iraq  the impending battlefield.

This practically presents the end of Iraq, which the Arab neighboring states are fighting to defend its unity, since its division threatens the security of the entire region.