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Following the explosion that rocked the Sadriya district of the Iraqi capital, claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent people, Baghdad raised its voice in a clearer and more enraged tone, accusing Syria of being responsible for the terrorist operations that are constantly striking Iraq.

It is certain that a ton of explosives in a tanker is not the work of an individual but rather carries the prints of an organised group. Nevertheless, we must take into account the Syrian reaction that stated that the Iraqi government should present its evidence before making accusations. Where is the evidence that Syria is responsible, or that thousands of terrorists passed through its borders?

It is implausible that Iraqi or American authorities do not have conclusive evidence of the embroilment of a certain government or any affiliated organisations in the region. After more than two years of suicide bombings have elapsed, claiming the lives of approximately a quarter of a million people and carried out by over 5,000 foreign fighters in Iraq (an undisputed fact by all) – after all this, there is no conclusive evidence or documented confessions of the accused, pointing towards the implicated parties.

Indeed mountains of explosions and ammunition, armies of terrorists, and expertise in carrying out genocide for two years incessantly are the works of an organisation or are supported by government apparatus, as it is impossible that such actions have been masterminded by a gang of disgruntled residents. The terrorist organisation, Al Qaeda, which is distinguished by its expertise and ability to recruit new members, managed to carry out a few operations in a number of countries that it targeted; therefore it could not have worked alone in Iraq with this level of quality and quantity. This also applies to the Baathists who oppose government, the death squads and so on.

If Iraq had presented convincing evidence then that could have established a genuine international cause and would have justified its position in all judicial forums. However, without proof to back these charges, the issue remains one of reckoning.

It is well known that Iran wants to target the American presence, force it to flee and defeat its military and civil presence on the ground. To reach the American forces in Iraq is difficult, nevertheless, the other goal, to create chaos all over Iraq from its fruit and vegetable markets to its labour market remains.

Syria has its own interests in the destruction of the Iraq situation and there are many indications that thousands of terrorists have passed through its borders. This fact was not denied by Damascus. In fact, it stated that controlling its 500km borders is an almost impossible task and that even the United States fails to protect its borders from Mexican infiltrators so how can it ask Syria to do so?

Although this is a sound argument, it is void of the fact that Mexican infiltrators cross the borders in search of employment, not to carry out terrorist activity. All those involved in politics believe, without any conclusive evidence, that Syria and Iran are almost entirely responsible for the explosive bombings in Iraq.

Unfortunately, the blood bath in Iraq continues as part of a dirty political game that uses innocent civilians; workers, women and children, all for the sake of achieving victories and hindering others.

Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

Abdulrahman Al-Rashed

Abdulrahman Al-Rashed is the former general manager of Al-Arabiya television. He is also the former editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat, and the leading Arabic weekly magazine Al-Majalla. He is also a senior columnist in the daily newspapers Al-Madina and Al-Bilad. He has a US post-graduate degree in mass communications, and has been a guest on many TV current affairs programs. He is currently based in Dubai.

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