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When I say that not everything that you see is innocent, it is difficult for me to elaborate and recount the evidence, because the details are both painful and unbelievable, more than they are disgraceful. And so now we see the disputes surrounding the convening of an Arab summit which has become clear for all to see; everybody wants a summit [to take place], everybody wants to host this summit, everybody wants to hold the microphone in their hands, everybody wants to appear as the savior. This explains, in brief, the propaganda battles that are currently raging at the highest levels in our region.

Inter-Arab disputes have been the focus of the crisis from its origin, and until its tragic end which we are currently witnessing with regards to the [Israeli] massacre in Gaza. I do not want to point a finger at those who are right or at those who are wrong, the events speak for themselves and have become clear for all to see.

The conflict [in Gaza] can be traced to a clash between two focal points- one group that warns against getting embroiled in a war with Israel because that is exactly what Israel wants, and in order to avoid this [war] has called for consultation and research in order to find solutions to prevent this disaster.

While another group that considers the prevention of these clashes as a limitation of the resistance, and a restriction of the Hamas movement, [this group] belittles the Israeli reaction and sees in the war an opportunity to expose other Arab regimes.

The rest of the events [that occurred] are well-documented when Israel attacked the isolated Gaza Strip with all of its might, taking advantage of the void left by the US Presidency [during the Presidential transitional period], Arab division, and Hamas’s mistakes.

Due to this Arab fragmentation, Israel has enjoyed additional days of bloodshed against the Gaza Strip, while claiming that it was waiting to see the outcome of the dialogue taking place in Cairo between the Palestinian parties. This dialogue went on and on discussing trivial details, like who will represent who, and who will control which border crossing, at the same time that the killing was taking place. This was the story before the UN Security Council resolution, which Israel was quick to refuse, well aware that there would be inter-Arab disputes with regards to accepting the resolution, giving it [Israel] the opportunity to complete its merciless military operation. And who expects mercy from the enemy when their own side is busy fighting over the fine-print during lavish meetings and conventions?

The inter-Palestinian dispute continued until the matter developed into a clash between nations, with all party wanting its summit to be the Arab Summit. Kuwait has an Arab Summit scheduled, while Qatar wants to circumvent them by holding its own summit, and this is how the Palestinians live with continual tragedy, at one time because of Israel, and at another due to the farce surrounding the summit and those who quarrel [with regards to its convention].

In the introduction I confirmed that what is happening has become clear for all to see and that is Israel isolating itself with its terrible aggression against an isolated people with small chance of defending themselves, but the rest of the picture is just as bad. There are Arab and regional conflicts which are using the Palestinians.

The Gaza War has confirmed what we have already known for half a century and that is that the Palestinians are always being used in Arab wars that have nothing to do with them, and which gains them nothing. And who pays the price in blood and land? Unfortunately, it is the Palestinians.