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Think twice before calling it resistance! | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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A lecturer in Saudi Arabia attempted to tackle the issue of resistance in Iraq by saying that it is acceptable and that we must support it. Meanwhile, approximately ten people demonstrated in one of the Egyptian squares, carrying banners in English with messages seeking to justify the assassination of the Egyptian envoy to Iraq and claiming that the government is responsible for his death by its dealing with the &#34agent&#34 government in Baghdad rather than with the national resistance.

This is part of a complex dilemma, which Arab citizens encounter nowadays. They can no longer be sure of their identity as they receive contradictory messages. Recently, the world witnessed one of the most horrific crimes executed upon a family of nine including a wife, two daughters and four sons and all the while, Egyptian protestors went on their demonstrations glorifying the sacred resistance.

For weeks or months even, Iraqis civilians were being slaughtered. Most of these crimes were registered, recorded and transmitted over the internet by resistance groups that praise themselves and justify the suicidal attacks that they carry out against their targets.

We now confront a double-faced conception of terrorism, one that is described as brutal terrorism when it strikes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, and at the same time depicted as heroic when people are slaughtered in Iraq.

The common feature of terrorism is not only the slaughtering of innocent people but also the same terrorist groups the same use of weapons. The recent announcement made by these groups, in which the loss of a wanted key figure in Iraq, namely Al-Rashoud of Saudi Arabia, reflects the fact that resistance comprises of fleeing Arabs heading for Iraq. There they congregate, train and fight then head back to their countries to practice their so-called &#34resistance&#34 in Egypt, the Gulf region, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan and others. Moreover, those resistance groups will head home for more trouble.

Furthermore, the excuse of resisting Americans to ignite the fire of the Iraqi resistance remains nothing more than a fake claim to gain forged support and why not considering Americans have become the least harmed category of these escalating battles in Iraq? Iraqis can explicitly express themselves, and do not need anybody to carry out their roles for them. If they want to demonstrate against the Americans and their government, no one will prohibit them as is evident in Iraq”s mass media that surpasses in number and freedom that of other Arab countries. The truth is clear, Arab misrepresentation of &#34resistance&#34 has been accepted by a substantial number of people confused by the current events, and not realizing that these very &#34resistance&#34 groups heed to the same so-called &#34noble&#34 cause of the terrorists in their own countries who blow themselves up with a number of justifications. They call it jihad, whilst others call it terrorism; such is the case in Iraq.

Unfortunately, such a case has been demonstrated by the murder of the Egyptian envoy to Iraq, with the justification that such was an act of revenge for Egypt”s recognition of the new &#34client&#34 government. Egypt”s stance was known the whole time. It has refused to send troops to Iraq and has always kept a conservative stance towards the Iraqi cause; nevertheless, its diplomat was still murdered. It is at this point that the resisters and the murderers unite.