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The Moroccan shock of Al-Zarqawi | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Many Moroccans did not believe that the Al-Zarqawi terrorist movement was responsible for the kidnapping of two Moroccan embassy employees. Had it not been for the statement issued by Al-Zarqawi”s group announcing the crime and threatening the well-being of the Moroccan workers, the people of Morocco would not have believed such news. At first, people were surprised that Moroccan and Arab writers who would deliver false messages to their readers, calling the slaughtering of innocents on a daily basis resistance.

How can the truth get so lost in a world where mothers are wailing because they have buried their children due to so-called &#34resistance&#34 and &#34heroic&#34 bombings that fill our TV screens everyday? How does any rational human being forget how to differentiate between good and evil whilst every image portrayed from Iraq shows us that so-called resistance is merely an ugly form of terrorism? Let us highlight it targets: women, children, the elderly, religious people, students, shoppers, workers and professionals. None of the victims are associated with politics or the military. Most suicide bombers who use motor vehicles have targeted schools, markets or mosques. How could anyone be so hard-hearted to such an extent that he ignores the truth and brands the act of murder as resistance?

This Eid-al-Fitr was a sad occasion for Moroccans who have been following the case of the two kidnapped Moroccan embassy workers who have been sentenced to death by what is still called Iraqi resistance. In his official website, Al-Zarqawi proudly stated that his most recent victims are a porter and driver who were kidnapped towards the end of Ramadan. He even promised his supporters that the two workers would be referred to his legislative court which had also issued the death sentence to women and children for the sake of eliminating infidelity.

Morocco, like all other Islamic countries has received false news about the victory of resistance, the losses of occupation forces and government and the supportive stance of the Iraqi people, whereas the truth has been exemplified by the case of the Moroccan hostages. The truth remains that Al-Zarqawi”s group looks for an easy catch such as the porter by his building, a father with his children, a doctor in university, the preachers in the mosque or workers on a bus.

Within the Moroccan and Arab media, false news circulates about the victory of resistance; however, it contradicts the stance of the Iraqi people who rejected terrorism from the first day. Eid-al-fitr has not been celebrated this year by the families of the Moroccan hostages, just as it has not been celebrated by those whose families have fallen victim to the Al-Qaeda criminals and alleged heroic Iraqi resistance. Families of hostages who were snatched from the streets, such as the Korean workers, have grieved for the violent losses that they suffered, so too have the Pakistani and Thai families. Egyptian and Algerians were also shocked by the merciless murder of some of their innocent citizens, despite being previously fooled into believing stories of heroic resistance.

Al-Zarqawi has failed his propagators in Arab media which does not know how to convey the sad truth to its people.