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The beginning of another round… | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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With the recent issuing of the third list of most wanted terrorists in Saudi Arabia, the picture has become clearer than ever. On one hand, there is the determination of security forces that aim to achieve victory by persecuting criminals, and on the other hand, there is the ideology that is becoming more and more reckless with time. At the beginning of this confrontation, the government had taken over and won the cultural battle, of which it quickly justified killings and the media was able to clarify the much darker aspect of these groups” ideologies. It is now clear that a new round has begun with these groups and that the deviant ideology that mobilizes terrorism never stopped to supply its organizations with logistic and human capabilities. The battle now is simply one of security.

We all know that terrorism is mainly a crisis of ideology rather than security. It is possible to wipeout organizations of armed forces but what remains is a deviant ideological atmosphere, which can create more and more networks of terrorism. One can compare it to fighting malaria by eliminating the mosquitoes who are only the carriers of the disease, rather than purifying the swamps in which the origin of this problem lies.

Following recent events, it is evident that forces have eliminated &#34mosquitoes&#34 quite well. Terrorist groups, however, resorted to a disassemble policy living life free from the fear of restriction.

I believe that terrorism only promotes killing, however terrorist thoughts are only part of a natural dispute. We have ended up with swamps full of terrorism transmitting atheistic thoughts and dividing societies into people of heaven and hell. Therefore, terrorist practice has become more united yet outwardly disassembled, a side that organizes and another that observes. It will be a tough challenge for security to balance as it remains a vicious circle that starts over and over again.

The call for terrorism and extremism continues as it is practiced freely in an uncontrolled manner. Over the previous two years, it has not been difficult to disturb a religious community like that of Saudi, confusing society with terrorism on one hand and commitment to religion on the other. Theorists of extremism have avoided showing any support to the internationally persecuted ”Jihadists”, yet they never dropped their political or social theories and ideologies. Contrary to that, at times, when terrorist military leaders were exterminated in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Morocco, they consolidated ideas that called for their existence as better substitutes that do not aim at militarizing their ideologies. The main problem remains however, namely the mindset rather than the threat of violence.

What remains a major fear is what propels someone to drive a car filled with explosives to kill people. Intrepidity is the most alarming aspect here. Everyone has the right to resort to radical views as long as he does not propagate extreme ideas. Society is made up of introverts who choose to seclude themselves from society, which they internally reject and recruitment forces that work on the minds of such citizens consider themselves successful only when such thoughts are expressed through actions. It is a cunning ideology that drives a person to reject his society, and whispers in his ears that killing and fighting is the only way out.