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Doctors with Sick Missions | ASHARQ AL-AWSAT English Archive 2005 -2017
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Not all doctors are angels even though their occupation is the finest, most respectable and most required of professions. However, our expectations have never sunk so low to the extent that we could imagine that some of the members of the health sector could perpetrate acts of terrorism and murder. This shock was more severe than any other, not because of news of organized bombings in Britain since almost the entire world is replete with news of violence, rather, due to the fact that the suspect criminals are from this field.

The ‘doctors of evil’, as described by some London papers, contrasts with the ‘doctor of hearts’, words used to describe cardiologist Sir Magdi Yacoub owing to his great deeds and voluntary treatment of children who has always been a source of pride for Arabs. The medical profession is one of the finest and doctors are the object of people’s trust and the symbol of success for any community in search of appreciation. How can anyone justify the acts of a doctor planning to kill innocent people who wanted to travel with their children or visit popular parts of London? These are the truly sick people despite the medical certificates that are mounted on the walls of their clinics.

Unfortunately, they have hurt their own people more than anyone else selected [to be victims] by the Al Qaeda movement and the states that finance and incite them to carry out their dirty missions. Al Qaeda, which has merely become a name for other movements that are run by other countries under the banner of the old organization, has succeeded in constricting Arabs and Muslims and sabotaging the reputation of their religion and their communities both in their native countries and in the countries to which they have emigrated. Al Qaeda has recruited imams of mosques, religious preachers, students, engineers, and now doctors. They had chosen different nationalities including Arabs, Africans, Asians, Europeans and Latinos. They left no room for Muslims to distance themselves. They have managed to portray Islam as an evil religion that uses even doctors to kill innocent people, even though these doctors have spent years studying and training to save lives, regardless of religion, race or sex.

Nobody has done a better job at distorting the image of Arabs and the meaning of Islam than those who concocted devious plots for consecutive years. They have proved that their dilemma is not one of poverty or personal needs; their dilemma does not respect the rules of engagement that differentiate between embroiled and innocent goals in cases of conflict.

At the beginning of Al Qaeda’s terrorist activity, most recruits and affiliates were young men who had not completed their studies and were recruited from simple and local communities. It was then easy to compare the organization to any other militia in any other society. When Mohamed Atta led the 9/11 attacks in 2001, we were surprised to find out that he was an engineer; such a fact meant that the Al Qaeda organization was determined to detach Muslims from the rest of the world in terms of reputation and individuals alike. In this regards, this is a personification of evil. The doctors, one of whom received a scholarship, had shocked their society and drove their parents to tears as they could not believe that their sons had changed from treating people to trying to murder people.

Anyone who seeks to present some kind of political justification for such crimes is in fact an emotional accomplice to these criminals considering the gravity of the damage inflicted upon millions of Arabs and Muslims and advocates of real causes.